6 Strategies To Safely Detox Your Body For Pregnancy | How To Detox Your Body For Pregnancy?

6 Strategies To Safely Detox Your Body For Pregnancy | How To Detox Your Body For Pregnancy?

pregnancy detoxpregnancy detoxWhen planning to have a baby, how to do a pregnancy detox is an important issue to consider before conceiving. Women today have to resolve any history of exposure to toxins either from the environment or an unhealthy diet in order to appropriately cleanse the Body Temple. This is crucial preparation for carrying a healthy baby to term.

Traditional Cultures didn’t have to deal with this challenge today. The Ancestral Societies started periods of special feeding prior to a couple having a child in order to make sure proper nutrition was available for the fetus, but it wasn’t necessary due to pristine water, air, and food.

Our world has become a toxic soup with persistent environmental pollutants such as dioxin, the chemical by-product of numerous industrial processes found even at the North Pole. Storage in body tissues can be a result of exposure to dioxin.

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The garbage in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is roughly twice the size of Texas and keeps growing every year.

Fishermen tell me that the grouper in the Gulf of Mexico are so bad that I have decided not to eat them anymore. I live on the Gulf Coast and I love grouper sandwiches.

Hike off many country roads in small towns or large, and you will find garbage and illegal dumped chemicals everywhere. There is no doubt that these pollutants are in the ground.

The synthetic vitamins recommended by doctors three months before conception is not appropriate preparation for such a huge life event, because we are exposed to so many environmental contaminants on a daily basis.

It is wise to have a minimum of 6 months of slow detoxification and a full year of dense diet preparation. Babies born to toxic mothers are more likely to have allergies and be allergic to their own mother’s breastmilk. Babies with a large toxic load are characterized by autoimmune issues, behavioral problems, and excessive crying.

Above all, efforts to detox your body for pregnancy should be gentle!  Long juice fasts or doing the Master Cleanse is totally unnecessary and even counter-productive. There is no need to stress and strain the body with fasting or highly restrictive diets to get effective results.

safe detox while pregnantsafe detox while pregnantHow to Safely Do a Pregnancy Detox 

The primary goals are gentle and effective, and here are six strategies to consider as the foundation for a pre-pregnancy cleanse.

Wheatgrass Juice

A shot of fresh, organic wheatgrass juice almost every single day for several months was my approach to detoxification when I was pregnant with my first child 16 years ago. The chlorophyll in wheatgrass is a powerful cleanser of the blood, bile, and gastrointestinal tracts.

Fresh wheatgrass juice (not cold-pressed) also contains a variety of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, probiotics, and enzymes. In addition, it is low in oxalic acid which can be extremely problematic to health especially for those with candida overgrowth or gut imbalance issues.

Using wheatgrass to detox is much safer than daily green smoothies, which carry the risk of kidney stones and painful oxalate buildup in tissues. If the wheatgrass is too strong, try it mixed with fresh ginger juice for a healthy power shot. Or, be sure to follow these tips for making safe green smoothies.

Most important to me at the time was the experience of nutritional pioneer Ann Wigmore in using wheatgrass juice. She regularly incorporated its use for detoxification for many years with great results.

Gelatin-Rich Bone Broths

Gelatin is collagen that has been broken down into its basic components by reacting with water through a process known as hydrolysis. Collagen is the main component of bones, tendons, cartilage, and skin. It is also plentiful in homemade stocks. It is so important to learn how to make bone broth at home before you get pregnant!

Gelatin has been shown to heal and soothe the stomach. In 1905, the Medical Polyclinic of the University of Bonn recommended to people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome that they should take a pill called gelatin.

The most exciting thing about gelatin is that it is a very safe method to cleanse your body, even if you are not familiar with bone broths.

The simplest of all the amino acids, glycine, can be produced by the body and is therefore not essential, although the ease of the body in manufacturing glycine as needed is probably highly contingent.

It makes sense to provide the body with all that it could possibly need through plenty of bone broths, since the amount of glycine that is available is limited by the ability of the liver to do its job sufficiently.

Large amounts of glycine in the diet through regular consumption of bone broths has become one way to assist the body with the nearly constant detoxification that is required to maintain health, in particular, given the toxicity of our world today and the high level of chemicals in our air, water, and food

Fermented Foods and Beverages

Prior to the Industrial Revolution, home preservation of vegetables and fruits was done without the aid of freezing, canning, or refrigerated storage.

The traditional method for preserving milk, vegetables, and meat involves a process called lacto-fermentation. Lactic acid protects food from putrefyingbacteria. This organic acid is produced by a beneficial bacterium on the surface of all plants and animals.

The process of lacto-fermentation works in a similar way with plant foods, transforming cabbage into sauerkraut and cucumbers into pickles.

Fermented foods and beverages are prized by traditional cuisines for their health benefits as well as their delicious taste. Most traditional cuisines included at least one ferment with every meal to improve digestion and absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Regular consumption of traditionally fermented foods and drinks promotes the growth of healthy flora and overall balance in the intestines. A 1999 study published in the Lancet found that consumption of lacto-fermented vegetables in children was associated with low rates of asthma, skin problems and autoimmune disorders in general.

Food made from lacto-fermented materials are rich in beneficialbacteria. Think of them as “super-raw” foods that will help you prepare your body for the stresses and strains of being pregnant.

Cleansing Baths

Regular soaking with Epsom salts or magnesium flakes will help to open the elimination channels both via the skin and the gut to rid the body of unwanted toxins. If you use salts instead of flakes, be sure to buy magnesium sulfate that is human grade only.

Vinegar baths are another gentle cleansing ritual to consider. If you don’t have a tub, foot baths can work too.

According to Hazel Parcells, a soak of baking soda and sea salt for 30 minutes a week can help cleanse your body of accumulated radiation. It is a good practice after exposure to x-rays on an airplane.

For more information, this article on the various detoxification bath recipes can help.

Plenty of Saturated Fat

According to a University of Rochester Medical Center study, exposure to the environmental pollutant dioxin alters the production of milk genes in the first week of pregnancy.

Diana West, coauthor of The Breastfeeding Mother’s Guide to Making More Milk, says that there has been a dramatic increase in recent years of women who are having trouble producing enough milk for their babies, likely due to environmental contaminants like dioxin.

Food can help protect you from exposure. A woman is protected from environmental pollutants when she has plentiful amounts of trueVitamin A in her diet.

Grass-fed dairy and other animal fats, like egg yolks and liver, contain plentiful amounts of trueVitamin A, which is important for pregnant women to have. Plant foods can’t be relied upon for adequate vitamins.

Diatomaceous Earth

Toxic metals lurking in body tissues are a potential harm to a developing baby.  Hair analysis and other tests from a professional can determine with certainty whether or not this is a problem for you. In lieu of expensive tests, however, a simple supplement consisting a tablespoon of food grade diatomaceous earth per 100 pounds of body weight per day in a glass of water can be used to detox your body by pulling toxic metals from the digestive tract.

Please note that while a gentle detox for pregnancy is a good idea, detoxification while pregnant and breastfeeding is most definitely not!  If any physical discomfort is experienced, this article outlines ways to quickly relieve detox symptoms.

* Be sure to watch out for these top 4 cleansing myths that especially should be avoided before pregnancy as they are very depleting!

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