Amethyst Cleanse | How To Clean An Amethyst Crystal?

Amethyst Cleanse | How To Clean An Amethyst Crystal?

Before I knew how to care for stones and minerals, I owned tons of amethyst crystals that I left alone, but as I started learning about other crystals, I looked around at my neglected amethyst collection and wondered if my amethyst needs to be cleansed. I wrongly assumed that amethyst and other stones didn’t need energetic cleansing after reading that it could.

So, does amethyst need to be cleansed? Amethyst should be energetically cleansed like all other crystals and stones. Even though amethyst holds a high vibration, this vibration can be altered and thrown out of balance. This is because its energy can be negatively affected by unhealthy conditions it is exposed to.

You can cleanse an Amethyst crystal with these methods.

  • Water

  • Salt

  • Sun

  • Sound

  • Smoke

  • Energy/Programing

How do you know if the things you are doing are actually working?

It is important to understand how crystals work to get you to your desired outcome, even if doing all the activities listed above are great ways to use crystals. If you don’t understand why and how crystals work to boost your meditation practice, meditating with them isn’t going to be beneficial.


The Energetics of Amethyst and Why It Needs to Be Cleansed

One of the more well-known and used crystals is the Amethyst, and there is a good reason for this. It has an ability to calm the mind and expose new layers of awareness.

Our conscious mind is very logical and linear when you are in a Beta brainwave state. daydreaming and imagination can occur when you switch to a higher amplitude of the Theta brainwaves. It is in a state where intuition is switched on and downloads of information can be obtained.

If you and your amethyst are in alignment, this can be achieved. The goal of using crystals in an intuitive practice is to get into alignment with their frequencies. The powerful benefits that your amethyst could and should be giving you can’t be given if it’s out of tune or alignment.

It’s possible to get out of alignment if you hold onto pockets of negative or lower frequencies. Every crystal has a limit to its power at transmuting negative energy into neutral, peaceful energy. It can get overload when it is exposed to high amounts of negative or ungrounded energy.

It may feel like you and your crystal are not on the same wavelength. If you are an empath, you may subconsciously try to heal the crystal by taking on some of its negative energy, giving you negative thoughts, bad dreams or physical pains.


When To Cleanse Your Amethyst:

When You First Get It

You should cleanse a crystal immediately after you get it. It is most likely that it was exposed to huge amounts of radiation when it was transported. It was ungrounded when it was transported long distances in a vehicle because it couldn’t find a stable place to ground. It is best to get rid of the high amounts of other people’s energy at a crystal show.

Once a Month If You Wear it

It is recommended that you cleanse your body once a month, roughly once every completed moon cycle. It can keep up with your growth cycles by resyncing with your energy systematically. With each cleanse it will get rid of any programing it picked up from you, and restart with a new perspective.

Once a Season If It’s In Your Home

If your home is not in contact with you much, but it is holding space in your living area, you should cleanse it at least once a season. It is a good idea to cleanse a crystal in between cycles so that it can stay in the same place each season.

Each season has its own elements, so you can tailor your cleansing to fit that. You can cleanse it with sunshine in the summer, snow in the winter, rain in the fall, and salt or rice in the spring. In this post, there will be more about all of those methods.


Before You Program it With Your Intentions

Before I program my crystals to help me with specific energies, I cleanse them. It is a good idea to cleanse your crystal before you use it for a particular purpose.


Whenever you Want!

It’s important that you cleanse your amethyst whenever you feel like it needs it.


Water: Cleansing Your Amethyst with Various Types of Water

Water is a great way to cleanse an amethyst crystal.

  • It’s difficult to not get damaged when you get wet. If the crystal is a 7 on the Mohs scale, then it’s ok to use with water.

  • Have you ever seen something small? Doesn’t it look like a structure made of crystal? The reason is that water is crystal clear. It has the same characteristics as other crystals, carrying information and holding a vibration. Water moving across the surface of a crystal moves a lot of energy.

Tap Water

If you want to cleanse your amethyst, make sure that the temperature is not too hot or cold, as this could cause it to crack or get damaged.

Make a note of how soft or hard the tap water is in your location. Hard water has more minerals such as calcium and magnesium, while soft water has less. You can check the water quality in your city by looking at it.

Over time, too many minerals in your water could cause damage to your crystal.

Filtered Water

Water filters are the best way to protect your crystals from mineral damage. My favorite way to purify my water is by using charcoal. I place a few binchotan charcoal sticks in a pitcher of tap water and let them sit for 24 hours. The water should be poured over your crystal above the sink or empty bowl. You can find binchotan charcoal in this location.

I like to save this water and use it to water my plants. The bad characters have been removed and now have a crystal charge.

I like charcoal activated water because I believe it restructures the water and gives it a higher vibration, which is what you want when cleansing your crystals.

Basic Brita filters can be used, as well as the ones installed in refrigerators.

Rain Water

It has been reported that leaving your amethyst out in a storm to get rained on is a great way to cleanse it. The most powerful charged water is when it comes from the ground or the sky.

I think that the negative ion that charges the air after a storm plays a huge role in the process of cleansing your amethyst. In this article, there will be more about that later.

You can either leave it out in the rain or collect it in a vessel and pour it over your crystal when the time is right for you.

Spring or River Water

The earth itself is another way to get to the best water filter on the planet. Water from a natural spring that flows directly from the aquifers deep in the ground is holding the memory of the earth. The water has a very high vibration, and it’s magic to boost your crystals’ vibration as well.

If you want to do this, you have to find a local spring and run your amethyst under the running water, or you have to get spring water and run it over your crystal above a sink or bowl.

River water has structured water that can cleanse your crystal, as well as being a great way to cleanse it.

I like to bring my collection of crystals with me on a hike when I know that I will be near a natural spring, stream or river. Being in nature alone with my crystals helps me align more to their vibrations, while raising both of ours together.

Crystal Infused Water

This is where you can experiment with your cleansing techniques. The crystal essence of other crystals can be used to cleanse the crystals. You can do this by putting a crystal in water and letting it sit for up to 12 hours or overnight. Put that water in a spray bottle, and mist your crystal with the crystal infused water to cleanse the energetic field of your amethyst. My favorites combinations are:

  • Citrine infused water: Gives amethyst a boost of optimism, warmth, and clarity.

  • Black Obsidian infused water: Boosts amethyst’s protection abilities, especially spiritual protection and protection against psychic attacks.

  • Blue Topaz infused water: Enhances the natural abilities to induce peacefulness, to calm ungrounded emotions, and to assist with its ability to connect you to your higher self and to the spiritual realm.

The water should not be consumed, and the water should not be heated, as this can cause damage to your crystals.

Ocean/Salt Water

Salt has been used for hundreds of years to cleanse negative energy from people and places. It absorbs negative vibes and brings them back to the universal consciousness. When you go to the beach, you can feel your energy being pulled into the ocean, as the negative vibes get pulled in with the salty waves. You can get into a state of relaxation if you dip your feet in the salt water.

Just like with you, saltwater can bring your crystal back to its natural state by absorbing negative energy.

If you want to feel the negative energy being pulled from your toes into the ocean, you should bring your amethyst to the beach and hold it to your heart as you dip your toes into the water.

If you can’t get to the ocean, fill your bathtub with warm water and sea salt. Place your hand in the solution. Put your feet in the tub and imagine that the negative vibes being pulled from the crystal into the water will be transmuted into positive vibes. If you want to set the mood, place seashells nearby and sounds of the ocean in the background.


Salt: Using Salt to Cleanse your Amethyst – Use Caution!

I did not mention putting your crystal in the ocean water in the previous paragraphs. Why is that happening? Salt is a mineral, and just like with tap water, too many minerals can degrade it over time.

When the salt water dries on the surface of the crystal, the salt minerals can have a negative reaction with other minerals in the crystal, which can cause it to crack or become discolored.

It is best to use salt to cleanse your crystals instead of dunking them in salt water because it will not harm them in the short term. I like to use salt to cleanse my crystals.

Bury It In Salt

If you want to decrease the chance of mineral damage to your amethyst, you can saturate it with dry salt.

Take an empty bowl and put something inside it. The entire crystal will be buried under the sea salt in the bowl. Take 30 minutes to sit for 4 hours.

Place the bowl out in the sun to boost the cleansing properties and to charge the crystal. The salt and the crystal can be damaged by the sun’s energy, and the salt can shade the sunlight from hitting the crystal. In this post, there will be more about that later.

After you remove the bowl of salt from the crystal, be sure to run your water under clean filters to remove any salt left on the crystal. Put a towel on the floor to dry it.

Put Under A Bag of Salt

This method is great if you want to use salt, but you don’t want to damage your amethyst any more. Place the bag of sea salt over the crystal for as long as you want.

The bag is meant to hold the salt so that it doesn’t fall out. The bag that holds your scrabble pieces, a paper bag, your grocery tote bag, etc., would work, but I prefer not to use plastic whenever I can help it.

Even if the salt is not touching the surface of the stone, it will still absorb the negative energy from the crystal.

No-Contact Salt Method

This method is similar to the above method, but for those who can’t find a bag, it uses salt to cleanse your amethyst without it touching the crystal surface.

You can fill the empty bowl with dry sea salt. If you were to double boil it, place it in a smaller bowl and set it inside a large salt filled bowl. Push the smaller bowl down so that the salt doesn’t get to the rim of the larger bowl. The crystal has been immersed in salt, without the salt touching it.


Sun exposure should be limited when using sunlight to cleanse Amethyst.

It is possible to charge your amethyst with its own natural energy by direct sunlight. You will feel a sensation in your hands after you have had your amethyst.

It is not possible to leave a crystal on a windowsill to be baked in sunlight for many hours. The heat of the sun can cause the crystal to crack and cause the purple color to fade, so keep the crystal out of the sun. Black or brown dots may start to appear underneath the surface of some amethyst clusters.

If you leave for long periods of time, the sunlight will damage your crystal. There are short periods of time that are fine. Limit it to 30 minutes if you want to cleanse your body with sunlight. This is enough time to cleanse and charge it, and it won’t cause damage.

I had to learn this one on the hard way. I left this example of one of my crystals on a windowsill in the summer before I knew what I was doing. You can see the fading and brown spots that I mentioned.

I took a photo of one of my clusters that faded and started showing brown and black dots because it was left too long out in the sun. The shade of purple in the top right corner is the type of amethyst that should be there.

Smoke: Ancient Cleansing Ritual to Cleanse Amethyst with Smoke

Smudging is the act of using smoke to cleanse a place or person. The Native American tradition has been used to cleanse, purify and create balance. It is powerful because it uses all four elements found in nature.

If you follow this tradition, you should use a shell from the ocean as your container for the smudge stick or bundle, as this represents water. The element of earth is represented by the wood, herbs, and resins that are burned. The smudge is the fire element. The air element is created by the smoke from the herbs. The air element is represented by the use of a feather to spread smoke.

You can light a smudge bundle of your choice and blow out the flame to make sure it is smoldering and releasing a lot of smoke. The smoke should be spread around the crystal so that all parts of it have contact with the smoke. The smoke will stop when the smoldering goes out.

I like using a blend of lavender and sage on my amethyst, because it is specifically for the color. lavender brings out the calming elements of amethyst, which is why it is great for clearing negative energies. lavender with the beautiful purple in lavender is soothing for me because I like matching colors.

Science has shown that when sage is burned, it releases negative ion, which can be used to cleanse the body. In this post, there will be more about that later.


Sound: Nearly the Most Effective Way to Cleanse Amethyst Is Sound

We all know about the four elements, but medieval science and alchemists believed in a fifth element to nature: space. This is commonly called ether. It is the energetic essence, or life force, that surrounds and runs through every living thing. It is the space that holds everything together.

The ether that surrounds each living thing is called an aura. It holds the programming, belief systems and general vibrations that the person or object is projecting out to its surroundings.

Sound is the best way to cleanse the ether, or aura, of an object. I use tuning forks to do this.

The tuning forks I have found are the best for amethyst.

  • 4096 Hz tuning fork: Known at the crystal tuner. It can be used on all crystals and stones, but is best used on quartz crystals, such as amethyst.
  • 432 Hz tuning fork: I have found that using this crystal brings me into intense alignment with my amethyst. It not only cleanses the energy of the crystal, but heals any energetic disharmony between me and my amethyst.

Both cleanse and heal the energetic connection between you and each other, causing for greater alignment when using it for your intended purpose. In my experience, it is truly amazing.

If you want to use tuning forks, you need to tap the metal tuning fork with a wooden or rubber stick and hear the fork buzz. The tuning fork is projecting a sound, but you can run it through the space surrounding your amethyst. There will be areas where the pitch will sound different. A pocket of negative energy is called an energetic cord. The areas you work around until the pitch feels stable again and unmuted are the ones you keep working around.


Energy/Programming: You Are Actually The Best Cleansing System

If you did all of the methods mentioned above many times, they still couldn’t compete with this powerful cleansing method. Are you ready? You are the one who is it. You are the best place to get healing and cleansing for your crystal.

The crystal is more powerful because of your intentions and energetic influence.

Doing this is simple. If you have one hand on the crystal and the other on the amethyst, you can hold it above the other hand. Imagine taking the energy from the bottom of the crystal and allowing it to travel through your system. The intention should be that you know how to process that energy in the present moment. Imagine that energy coming back and flowing through your other hand into the crystal, as love and light.

The bond between you and your crystal is created by this. It may seem dangerous to allow the negative energy to flow into your body, but don’t worry. The energy that you can process in the present moment is what you are allowed to process.

If you’re worried about this, you can give yourself a grounding cord that connects from the base of your spine to the center of the planet, and imagine if you can’t handle the energy that comes down this cord back to the core of the earth.


Other Methods I’ve Experimented With:

Negative Ions:

Negative ion make me feel amazing, so I am a bit obsessed with them. In a world where we are bombarded with positively charged ions, it is important to balance them out with negative ions. A perfect balance is a combination of a positive and a negative. One way or the other, you don’t want to be charged too much.

The ocean and running water are some of the places where negative ion concentrations are highest. You feel good in these settings because of that.

The calm before the storm is caused by the negatively charged ion produced by storms.

The smoke from a smudge may contribute to its purification ability.

I have a negative ion generator near my computer that will offset the electric charge. You can buy a Himilayan salt lamp if negative ion generators are bothering you.

If you suspect that crystal has been blasted with radiation on its way to you, place it near a negative ion generator, or a salt lamp. This usually happens when it is shipped via airplane from another country.


Other Crystals:

A powerful cleansing technique is to cleanse the crystals with other crystals. I use a clear crystal that is pointed for my amethyst. This crystal is the most effective one I have found to get the energy back to the original source. I believe the crystals working together contributes to this.


Burying In The Ground:

I don’t use this method because I don’t like to get my crystals dirty, but you can bury the amethyst in the ground to let the earth absorb any negative energy.



Rice is another method that I have used, but I do not like it. If you fill a bowl with any type of rice, you can place your amethyst on the surface. The rice absorbed the negative energy for 24 hours. Do not cook with this rice, it should be thrown away.

Maybe I don’t like this method because I don’t like wasting food. I don’t know what to think. I did not get attached to it. It might be the best method for you. Unless you attempt, you don’t know.


Related Questions:

How to clean amethyst? This question is different than energetically “cleansing” amethyst, but may be something you are also curious about. To literally clean an amethyst cluster or geode from dirt or debris, all you need is:

  • The scent of Dr. Bronner’s soap is very pleasant.

  • The room-temperature water is room-temperature.
  • The toothbrush has a soft bristle.
  • Empty spray bottle

Shake the water and liquid castile soap with the empty spray bottle. The surface of the stone should be sprayed. The toothbrush can be used to scrub the surface. You need to get in between the clusters. Run under the warm water. Don’t use a blow dryer or apply extra heat, as this may damage your crystal, and lay on a towel and air dry.

How can I tell if my amethyst is fully cleansed of negative energies? There is no 100% sure way to tell. The best way is to use your intuition and knowingness. Pick it up and feel it. Close your eyes and notice any thoughts, images or sounds that are showing themselves while your mind in quieted. Trust that the method you have chosen was the exact method that was needed — you chose it for a reason.

You can use a clear pendulum to test it out. The pendulum should be held above your amethyst. It is probably not completely cleansed if it starts rotating counter clockwise. It is probably sufficiently cleansed if it starts rotating clockwise. It needs to be charged if it is not moving at all. The more negatively charged the rotation is, the more negative energy it holds.

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