Arbonne 30 Days To Healthy Living Cleanse | Getting A 30 Day Arbonne Program To Help You Lose Weight

Arbonne 30 Days To Healthy Living Cleanse | Getting A 30 Day Arbonne Program To Help You Lose Weight

Yes, definitely. I did the 30 day challenge, but didn’t tell anyone. I didn’t want opinions to get in the way so I decided to come up with an impartial opinion. I want to tell you everything before I talk about my experience.

  1. I do not sell Arbonne products or any competing products. I don’t plan on becoming an Arbonne consultant any time soon.
  2. I had an open mind when I entered this challenge. I wanted to see what these products are like, how they make me feel, how my body responds to them, and what Arbonne is like. I wanted to have real experience to base my opinion on, because I get asked by my clients about diet like these.
  3. My opinion and experience are what this is. Please take everything I say with a grain of salt and do your own research because we are all different and nutrition is very individual.

My thoughts pre Arbonne:
• You usually can’t trust MLM’s because they are more worried about screwing other people over than actually helping people
• Arbonne Consultants don’t have the knowledge to be coaching you through a nutrition challenge
• This is going to be a lot more money than it needs to be
But I also thought…
• This MLM has more “good” reviews than most
• People see actual results- including personal friends of mine
• I can’t judge it if I have never tried it


PROS: There are some awesome, knowledgeable consultants out there who genuinely want the best for you. You are able to invest in your health while supporting them (who is probably a hard worker trying to start their own business)
CONS: There are a lot of consultants that have no idea what they are doing, just want to push products, and have no background in nutrition.

To start the challenge you have to go through an Arbonne consultant. Personally, I used Hailey Vasquez. We have been instagram friends for a while, she has a heart for Jesus, she is super motivated in life, and she just graduated college with a BS in Nutrition. I think my experience with Hailey made a significant difference in my perception of Arbonne. Given that Hailey has a degree in Nutrition, she had a lot more knowledge and advice to give that wasn’t plagued with buzzwords and false information. Hailey also had a lifestyle approach- she encouraged me to make this a lifestyle change and create habits that would follow the challenge instead of living off of powders for 30 days then following back into old unhealthy behaviors.

I had my own criticisms when I was looking for other consultants. Most of them didn’t have the credentials to tell people what to eat. Some consultants told people that they could lose up to 20 lbs by cleansing and keep it off. If that is the type of consultant you are working with, you may want to reconsider who you work with, and put money towards a nutritionist instead.

Here is Hailey’s website (she rocks!):


PROS: The 30DHL comes with a lot of products, made with quality ingredients. Because it comes from one place, it is easy to keep track of and organize for the challenge.
CONS: It is very expensive, you can find cheaper replacements online if you want to go looking. Some products really aren’t worth their cost

This challenge is not cheap… $266 with a $29 membership fee *oof* Not really in my monthly budget but my consultant points out that you are replacing a lot of your daily food expenses with the products, and she personally paid for my membership fee (thanks Hailey!)
Even though it’s a big chunk of change, you are purchasing a lot of products:

  • There are 2 bags of the powder.
  • 2 boxes of “Fizz”
  • 2 boxes of detox tea
  • There is a box of Body cleanse.
  • There is a container of greens.
  • There is a bag of Daily Fiber Powder.
  • There is a box of Digestive Plus.
  • The Arbonne facial cleanser and the Arbonne duffle bag I received were free.

Along with the products, you are also getting accountability from a coach and a Facebook group. I didn’t really take advantage of it. I don’t need the extra support because I have a great health/fitness community in my real life. If you don’t have like-minded, health conscious people in your life, this is great because there are sacrifice you have to make and support like this helps!

I think I saved money because I was buying less food, not eating out, and not buying coffee. I was still spending money on groceries. The program would like you to eat organically. I tried organic for a week and it was expensive, I didn’t seem like the biggest deal, so I didn’t continue with that. If I could afford it, I would eat organic because it tastes better and lasts longer. Maybe when I don’t have a college budget.


PROS: You eliminate products that can be hard on your digestive system, cause inflammation, and may be addictive. You get back in touch with your body and its natural energy
CONS: The marketing is misleading and even though you are suppose to avoid sugar, there is sugar in some of the Arbonne products.

I did the 30 Days to Healthy Living challenge. I like how Hailey sold it too me-> as a lifestyle challenge, helping you develop healthy habits. However… this is not how most consultants framed it. “Cleanse” and “detox” were painted over most Arbonne consultants Instagrams. Personally, I don’t like these words because we can’t really detox our bodies like they make you think- if our body needs to detox, our liver and kidneys will do their thing and detox. You can clean up your diet and improve digestion! That is important! But you aren’t actually sweeping toxins out of your gut with glorified dandelion tea.
For the 30 days, you are suppose to eliminate “allergen and toxic foods” AKA:

  1. Gluten
  2. Dairy
  3. Sugar
  4. Alcohol
  5. Coffee
  6. Soy
  7. There are artificial flavors and colors.

I benefited from eliminating dairy andGluten, I like the idea of doing an anti- inflammatory diet. I think it’s beneficial to take a break from sugar, alcohol, and coffee because they are addictive and acidic. Soy can mess with your hormones, and artificial stuff can be harmful to our guts. I don’t have a problem with this short-term restrictive diet.

What I did have a problem with was their marketing.
If they were really trying to attack allergens then why wouldn’t they include other common allergies like nuts and eggs? I think it is misleading. Also, they want us to eliminate sugar BUT MOST OF THEIR PRODUCTS HAVE ADDED SUGARS IN THEM. So you aren’t suppose to have bananas or red apples but the protein powders you are suppose to eat twice a day have added sugars and the fizz sticks that everyone obsesses over have added sugar. I don’t like how they demonize sugar here but turn a blind eye when it comes to their products.


Protein Powder:
Loved it! Finding a plant based protein powder that has a genuinely good texture and tastes good is not easy. Most vegan proteins are chalky or taste like dirt. These protein powders tasted sweet without tasting fake,, and they blended very well. I also like that the protein powder was more of a nutritional shake so it had some healthy stuff added to it. This made it more filling and beneficial since its suppose to be replacing meals.
Personally, whenever I made a shake, I blended 1-2 fruits, fiber powder, a fat (nuts or avocado or seeds), almond milk, and the protein powder

Detox Tea:
When I heard “detox tea” I immediately thought I was going to poop myself after I drank the tea. But to be honest I didn’t! This tea is not a laxative detox tea! So yay Arbonne for not selling that. It is an herbal tea that is filled with good stuff for healthy digestion. Personally, I didn’t think anything crazy about it. It tasted like regular black tea. I occasionally added vanilla almond milk creamer or a different tea bag for flavor. I drank a lot of tea during this cleanse because I wasn’t drinking coffee.

Fizz Sticks:
I’ve got a few opinions on these. Firstly, they taste good, have vitamins in them, and a little natural caffeine. I think they are like Emergen-C with caffeine. I don’t think they are worth the hype though. Most Arbonne consultants OBSESS over fizz- they literally wear hats and shirts that say “fizz” on them. I think it’s easy to get attached to the fizz sticks because if you do this program strictly, they are your main/only source of caffeine. Just like people get hooked on coffee- they get hooked on fizz.
A lot of consultants say fizz are better and cheaper than coffee. That is true if you are buying $5 starbucks drinks everyday. But the fizz sticks, at $44 a box for 30 servings, so they are more expensive than if you just bought your own coffee beans and brewed coffee at home- or just drink caffeinated tea!
So the fizz sticks are good… but they are over hyped and too expensive.

Digestion Plus:
This powder is suppose to be a probiotic to help with digestion. You have to consume it 30 min before eating.
I think probiotics are great and that adding them to this program is awesome… I just couldn’t stand the taste of it bleh. I thought I was going to choke it out one time. TBH I stopped after two weeks because I thought it was gross. If you don’t mind the taste or have a more effective way of masking it, use it! If not, get a pill-form probiotic haha

Green Powder:
This was one of my favorite products. I think greens drinks are super beneficial because of the “bang for your buck” you can get. I have tried a bunch of greens drinks in the past- to be honest, this is the best tasting greens drink I have had! I liked drinking it alone with a little water 🙂 If I wanted a health boost to my smoothies, I added it to those too.
It was a solid buy

Fiber Powder:
The fiber powder was a easy add to the smoothies because it is tasteless . I don’t think it’s necessary to add fiber, especially when the cleanse already has you eating a lot of veggies. I personally like to add flax/chia seeds to my smoothies too, so I get enough fiber in. I started with 1/2 scoops of the fiber and worked up to about 3/4 of a scoop. Honestly, every time I used a full scoop I just had a lot of uncomfortable gas.

Body Cleanse:
The body cleanse is optional. It is suppose to be consumed everyday of the third week. It tastes like ginger lemonade. I really liked the taste! I thought it was suppose to make me poop and “clean” me out but nothing happened expect for making me a little gassy again and hurting my teeth because of how acidic it was. TBH this was probably the biggest scam- its $50 a box let me say this loud and clear the body cleanse is not worth $50.

A “good” day of eating

MEAL ONE: Smoothie made with Chocolate protein, Banana, Chia seeds, Greens, Fiber, Almond milk
MEAL TWO: Smoothie made with Vanilla Protein, Strawberries, Avocado, Fiber, Almond milk
MEAL THREE: 3 whole eggs, Veggie stirfry, Olive oil, Potato
SNACKS: Almond butter + rice cakes, Celery+hummus, Apple, Fizz Stick, Tea+ almond milk creamer

I used to eat 2 smoothies a day, but after school started back up, I stopped eating them and started eating clean meals. I enjoyed eating hummus and veggies a lot and fell in love with it again. I ate a lot of almonds and nuts. I ended up eating dried fruit because it was easy to pack and it was satisfying my sweet tooth. The program doesn’t want you to eat high glycemic fruits like red apples and oranges, but I ate whatever fruits I wanted, even though they put sugar in their powder.

My diet now includes a lot of the animal kingdom’s essential vitamins and minerals. Even though I was consuming these shakes, my overall consumption was not as high. I found myself making a lot of eggs because I didn’t prep as much meat. My digestion has been better as well. I still eat chicken when I feel like it, and steak on date nights, but I realized that I don’t need to eat a lot of meat everyday.


There were a few ways I tried to curb my cravings, but I kept my nutrition balanced and consistent, and that is what matters to me.

  1. Dark Chocolate– this was allowed in the detox! The one thing I looked out for was milk fat added to some dark chocolate bars.
  2. Chips-I have never been a chip eater but when I was craving something salty and unhealthy I actually let myself have a nice handful of chips. They are gluten and dairy free, and I was able to be balanced and not binge out 🙂 this helped socially when I was out with friends or at parties. Grabbing a handful of chips gave me something to enjoy without going crazy
  3. Gluten Free Cereal- Wegman’s has some AWESOME gluten free cereal made out of bean flour! I grabbed a box of those to throw on smoothies for some crunch or mix with almonds 🙂
  4. Tea– without coffee I traveled deep into the world of tea! I tried lots of flavors and found myself going for a cup of tea instead of soda or coffee
  5. Almond Milk Creamer- I love adding this to my many cups of tea 🙂
  6. Dried Fruit– I love love love dried fruit. One day, when I really wanted some candy, I just got a couple pieces of dried pineapple and I was in heaven.


I knew this was going to be the hardest part for me…. I freaking love coffee. But I needed a break from coffee because I had become too dependent on it.
I only had a headache for 2 days into the cleanse then it went away. Because I teach 6AM group fitness classes I let myself have half a scoop of preworkout when I really needed it. Otherwise I stuck to fizz and tea.
BUT when the semester started (week 3) on Day 22 I cracked and I started drinking coffee again. I didn’t drink coffee everyday and when I had a cup it was significantly less than I am used to. But still I cheated and let myself have some.


I felt like I did well during this cleanse. I ate a piece of bread and accidentally had dairy twice in the third week. I ate chips like I talked about in cravings. I ate a lOt of soup instead of the smoothies because I got sick in the last week and didn’t want to go for the full 30 days. I am happy that these slip ups don’t feel like failures. When life called for adjustments, I listened because this challenge was more about a lifestyle than a strict cleanse.


So, the thirty days are done. What happened?
Honestly, I really liked being gluten and dairy free. Since ending the challenge I have tried gluten and dairy separately. I didn’t experience a reaction to gluten but I did experience a reaction to dairy. My stomach was really upset, so I actually think I might be intolerant to dairy! I realized that drinking less coffee is also beneficial to my stomach and gives me less indigestion.
I think the most significant impact was meal timing. I didn’t intermediate fast but I did try to eat mindfully with my sleep schedule. When I stopped eating at least an hour before bed and not so heavy, my sleep quality improved a ton, and I woke up feeling awesome. This was super important, especially because some days I have to be at work before 6AM.

Physically I feel really good. My sleep is more sound and consistent. My performance in the gym has been great- although that is probably from consistency more than anything. I think the push to re-focus on healthy habits from the cleanse was a great motivator. Mentally, I feel so much more confident in my body. I don’t see a big change aesthetically but I mentally feel happy and grateful for this dope body God gave me. I’ve always been a firm believer that nutrition is connected to the mind- happy gut, happy Liz!

Numbers wise:
Day Net Loss
Weight (lb) -3.2 lb
Bust (in) -2 in
Waist -3.25 in
Hips -1.5 in

Even though I lost 3 pounds, I saw my weight remain the same for a lot of the challenge, I didn’t try to put myself in a deficit or track my calories, I simply ate more veggies and worked out consistently and slept more! I think the inches off my waist goes to show the amount of inflammation and bloating I had going on before.
This “weight loss” was minimal and focused on health and feeling good so in the end, it was pretty stress free 🙂


I’m glad I did it, I am so grateful for Hailey and her support! But honestly… I don’t see myself doing this program again. Mainly because of the cost. There are products that I will consider rebuying! Like the protein and the greens. But overall, I don’t think it is worth the money. That being said, if you are someone who can afford this, and really needs accountability to get in shape- then yes! Do it! This program teaches you healthy habits and using the right consultant can lead you to great support groups. BUT don’t fall for some of these gimmicks that want to tell you that you’ll drop. 30 pounds in 30 days! Because that is just a bunch of lies.

Arbonne products are good! They are cleaner than a lot of stuff on the shelves and most of them taste great… but they aren’t heaven sent. Your consultant wants to sell you products so obviously they are going to make the products seem better than they actually are. Going forward, I might consider buying the protein and the greens again. I compared the price of other vegan nutritional protein shakes and greens drinks, and arbonne’s prices are pretty reasonable. It’s all the extra stuff that costs more than its worth like the fizz and body cleanse.
In the end, I’m glad I took a month to commit myself to healthier habits, I plan on continuing most of these habits going into February! It almost feels like I wasn’t doing a detox, just a reset.

Arbonne is not a magical thing. If you choose to do it, it can help you. It can be healthy if you have the right knowledge and coaching. If you want to put the extra work in to find healthy alternatives, focus on eating healthy whole foods, and make a plan, then it can be done without the magic Potions and powders.

I hope this review helped. Like I said- I don’t sell Arbonne. I don’t plan on selling Arbonne. I don’t really like MLM’s, but I have friends in them and MLM’s have the potential to give people great opportunities. I don’t have any agenda, I just want people to live healthier lives.
Let me know what you think. Have you done 30 Days to Healthy Living? Do you agree with MLM’s? Was this review helpful?

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