Can Cranberry Juice Help Pass A Drug Test? | How Does Cranberry Juice Help Pass A Drug Test?

Can Cranberry Juice Help Pass A Drug Test? | How Does Cranberry Juice Help Pass A Drug Test?


Does Cranberry Juice Help Pass A Drug Test: Answer Inside

If you are looking for home remedies that will help you pass a drug test, you will get a lot of people asking if cranberry juice can help, as that would be really easy.

The cranberry juice drug test method will be explained in this quick guide. If cranberry juice is good for passing drug tests, I will tell you.

I will tell you about the reliability of home remedies generally, and we will discuss using synthetic urine or a high-quality drink instead of cranberry juice, as an alternative to the cranberry juice method.

The Cranberry Juice Detox For Drug Tests Explained

The cranberry juice drug test method is very easy to do, it is simply a matter of drinking cranberry juice.

But how much? That is the magic question, because every single guide to doing it offers a different amount.

Half a gallon is usually the minimum amount specified. That is a lot of liquid, and often it is recommended you drink more.

The steps for cranberry juice are the same as before.

  1. If you drink half a gallon or more of cranberry juice, you can drink it for no more than an hour. It is a good target to have half an hour.
  2. It is a good idea to urinate three times in an hour after consuming cranberry juice.
  3. Go and submit your urine sample as soon as possible. You will only be clear of drug toxins for a few hours, as few as two hours for people with high levels of drug toxins, or as many as six people with lower levels in their body.

How Does The Cranberry Juice Drug Test Method Work?

Does cranberry juice help pass a drug test? It has to do two things in order for that to be possible.

  • The toxins in your urine should be flushed out.
  • Allow your body to excrete urine for a few hours.

The first thing is not a problem. It is possible to flush out your bladder with cranberry juice in volume. The volume of liquid will mean that you urinate frequently and that liquid won’t contain drugs for a while.

The problem is that cranberry juice won’t maintain the natural balance of your body. The volume of liquid doesn’t replace the things that are found in urine naturally.

Things like urea, uric acid, and creatinine will all be out of balance. Also, the pH and specific gravity will be outside the normal range as well.

There is a question about whether or not cranberry juice is good for drug tests. The evidence is not conclusive.

Cranberry juice is a diuretic, which means it will make you urinate more frequently. It’s also good for urinary tract infections because it can line the urinary tract with a chemical that can protect it from infection.

of that is related to drug toxins. The urine sample you will submit will be unbalanced if it doesn’t contain the things that your body will need to have a natural urine balance.

Does Cranberry Juice Help Pass A Drug Test

Do Any Home Remedies Work?

 No home remedies will pass a drug test on their own. In isolation, none of them can target your body in a way that is needed to temporarily get rid of drug toxins.

One example of a home remedy that won’t work is the cranberry juice detox for drug tests.

Other home remedies that don’t work include things like drinking green tea, mixing up baking soda with water, Sure jell, spooning down jars of Tatar sauce, white wine vinegar, none of it works. You’ll just feel sick, and you’ll still fail your drug test.

A Better Option Is A High-Quality Detox Drink

A better option than the cranberry juice drug test method is a high-quality detox drink that’s been professionally made.

The most powerful detox drink you can buy at the moment is called Ultra Eliminex. Cheaper but effective alternatives include Mega Clean and Rescue Cleanse.

All of these three drinks contain 32 fluid ounces of liquid to flush out your urine and replace it with fresh urine that doesn’t contain toxins, but they also contain high quantities of things found in human urine.

They flush out your bladder, but also flood your body with things like vitamins and creatine. This overloads the body and so these are passed through into the fresh urine to make it appear natural.

If you want to use a drink to pass a drug test, don’t use a home remedy like cranberry juice. Ultra Eliminex is highly recommended, so always buy a high-quality one.

The ultimate solution is to make sure you detox your body properly for a few days before your drug test and combine that with a course of high-quality detox pills like Toxin Rid.

Mega Clean review

Effort Free Drug Test Pass Using Synthetic Urine

The easiest way to pass a drug test though is to submit a sample of fake urine. That way you don’t need to detox your body at all, because you’re not submitting urine that’s been in your body.

Synthetic urine can be prepared and submitted. Drug tests that are not done for law enforcement purposes will not be monitored, as most drug tests will be supervised.

It is easy to submit a fake sample because you will be watched. It has to be submitted within the right temperature range, and it has to be good quality.

Sub Solution is the best for achieving this. You simply mix the powder with water, and then just before you submit the sample before you go in, tap in the heat activator powder you get with it, and it will raise the temperature to within the correct range. Really easy to use, and effort free.

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