Certo – Does Certo Really Work? | Certo For Drug Detox

Certo – Does Certo Really Work? | Certo For Drug Detox

Some people claim this trick has worked for them. It is most likely to work if you have consumed alcohol and need to get out of the bowels in order to test clean.

Certo for Weed Detox Overview

How to Use Certo Drug Detox to cleanse the urine of marijuana
Directions: You need two packs of Certo and two 32 ounces of Gatorades. The night before the test, mix one pack in your Gatorade and drink. Be ready to poop. Go to sleep. The next day, exactly 4 hours before the test, repeat the process. This will clean all the THC out of your bowels and reduce levels in your bloodstream. Now, 2 hours before the test, drink down a pre-made detox drink like Mega Clean or drink 24 ounces of your own creatine (5 grams), b-vitamin complex (I to 2 pills, enough to turn your pee yellow), and water mix with ¼ teaspoon of salt and ¼ teaspoon of baking soda (electrolytes). If you don’t have any of that, you can just eat a very large, well-salted steak exactly 2 hours before your test. Pee about 3 times, then take your test. Don’t worry if you didn’t do it perfectly, as long as you clean out your bowels and are peeing a lot by the time the test comes up, you should pass.

Where to buy Certo near me?

  • Walmart.com
  • Ebay.com
  • Amazon.com

Does Certo for THC detox workNone?

  • Absolutely.

Does Certo for weed detox (to pass saliva tests) work?

  •  Absolutely.

Can it flush cannabis from the blood quickly?

  •  Absolutely.

How long does it last?
Users say you have about 3 to 5 hours where your blood levels of THC and other drugs will be lower than usual. You should take your test within this period (and at least two hours after having your pre-made dilution detox drink).


Our #1 Choice

Toxin Rid

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  • It was designed for people who have a lot of exposure to toxins.

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  • Drug toxins can be eliminated from your body.

  • There is a 100% money back guarantee.

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Mega clean and pre cleanse pills are included.

  • It can be used for up to five hours, and the maximum effect is three hours.

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The type of fruit Pectin/polysaccharide produced by the company is what makes Sure-Jell and Certo their names. This comes in the form of a white powder. This type of fiber is present in apples. Homemakers use the properties of fruit pectin to make jams which can stay in a state of storage longer than fresh fruit. It has the ability to bind and expel substances from the stomach. The effect that is valued when using a substance to help pass a drug test is the one that may cause a person to vomit. The toker realized that this effect would help get the weed out of the stomach. The total surface area of the stomach is about the size of a floor of a studio apartment, so cleaning all the weeds off of that area will reduce the levels in the body, blood, and urine.

Certo Instructions

These are the instructions for how to use sure jell to pass a drug test for weed (tips on how to use sure gel to pass a drug test including for passing lab tests for probation)

  1. If you are told that you will need to take a drug test, then stop using drugs or abusing them. It’s better to be sooner. Some non-traditional substances that may be tested for are nicotine, nicotine gum, nicotine patches, nicotine gum, nicotine patches, nicotine gum, nicotine gum, nicotine gum, nicotine gum, nicotine gum, nicotine gum, nicotine gum, nicotine gum, nicotine gum, nicotine gum, nicotine gum, They should avoid anything with poppy seed, like buns or muffins.
  2. You can purchase Sure Gel from Walmart or Amazon. Any store that sells groceries will have it.
  3. Purchase two bottles of the sports drink.
  4. You should put a pack of Sure Gel into your drink the day before your test. It’s time to drink it down. Be prepared to sleep and poop.
  5. 4 hours before your test, the other pack into your hydration drink and drink it down. It’s time to go to the toilet.
  6. If you want to make your own drink, combine 24 ounces of water with 14 cup of salt, 14 cup of baking soda, 5 grams of creatine, and one b-vitamin complex pill, then drink it 2 hours before your test. You can eat a large well-salted steak and wash it down with 24 ounces of water with a dash of salt and baking soda. This will give you all the vitamins and minerals you need to get rid of the drugs in your urine, but the levels of b-vitamins and creatine are high enough to hide the fact that you’re taking drugs.

Additional Products

The other things you need to do are listed here.

  1. There are two bottles of the sports drink.
  2. One bottle of Mega Clean is what it is.
  3. 5 grams of creatine monohydrate, 1 pill of b-vitamin complex, a dash of salt, and baking soda are all contained in 24 ounces of water.
  4. There is a steak with 24 ounces of water.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to purchase
  • It gives you fiber in your diet.
  • It is not harmful to the body.
  • Cleans out your guts
  • It is inexpensive
  • It’s easy to use
  • It will give you a bad reaction.
  • Brain hemorrhage can be caused by drinking too much water too fast.
  • It needs to be combined with a drink.
  • You need to buy vitamins and supplements to work with it.


Q: Is it lawful?
A:  Certo is not a detox product so it’s not illegal in any US state. However, trying to defraud a government drug test may be illegal. Using Certo however, it can never be proven it was used to beat a drug test.

Q: Does Certo work to pass a drug test for probation?
A:  If combined with a detox drink like Mega Clean by Detoxify, it should work.

Q: What makes it work?
A: The theory is that it will attach to THC in the digestive tract and help you expel it from the body.

Q: What are some tips to make sure it works?
A: Get all your ingredients and get some take-home tests. Practice your timing until you can reliably make sure you test negative, then reproduce the exact circumstances of the passed tests for your important test.

Q: What is the total cost.
A:  Everything together will cost you about $ 30.

Certo Drug Detox Reviews

Positive Certo Drug Detox Reviews

This user says the method works, but he drank a gallon of water. Do not do it as it is potentially fatal. Drink no more than 32 ounces at a time, and include salt, baking soda, or Gatorade, so that you have enough hydration.

Positive Certo Drug Detox Reviews

This user passed two drug tests.

Negative Certo Drug Detox Reviews

Social Media Review from Reddit (negative)


Fruit Pectin is used to pass a drug test in the method of Certo Detox.

We give it a score of 3.5 out of 5. If you don’t drink too much water with it, it’s safe.

There is a type of fiber called certo fruit pectin that is used for the treatment of GI problems. Users claim that it is possible to flush the substance from the body. Several users claim that this has worked, while others claim that it failed. It should work as long as it’s a dilution drink and The dilution drink would have worked on it’s own. They may consider that an attempt to destroy evidence of cheating if you use the toilet and flush at the testing center after getting sick. If you flush, they will invalidate the test. So, be cautious. Good fortune!


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