Detox Cleanse – Drjaywarren.Com | Cleansing Your Body Is A Natural Way To Cleanse Your Body

Detox Cleanse – Drjaywarren.Com | Cleansing Your Body Is A Natural Way To Cleanse Your Body

A simple, easy, five day cleanse.

You change the oil in your car to help it run better and last longer. All regular car maintenance programs include cleaning out the old gunk that builds up putting in new fluids. It makes sense that you should do the same thing for your body.

You have already learned that your body is more than a machine. It is more powerful and dynamic than that. It’s like doing an oil change for your body, if you follow the metaphor further. Your body is cleaned out and rejuvenated by it. Your body will work that way for longer because of this.

If you really want to enjoy super vital health, you should cleanse your body at least twice a year.

The benefits of cleansing are listed.

  • more energy
  • clearer thinking
  • healthier looking skin.
  • better sleep
  • weight loss
  • Chronic pains and conditions can be healed.

Your immune system will be boosted by ridding your body of accumulated toxins. After you finish a cleanse, you almost always return with a healthier eating habit. When you are cleaned out, you want to eat healthy and the foods that are not are not as appetizing to you.

Don’t be intimidated by the cleanse if you have never done it before. Cleansing does not mean that you will be fast or starving yourself. You don’t need to associate cleansing with headaches, feeling grumpy, hungry, and miserable the entire time. There are simple approaches to cleansing that will give you all the benefits of a body cleanse without any issues.

If you want to cleanse your body without the use of herbs, shakes or supplements, you should ask your health care provider to recommend a cleanse that would be best for you based on your body type, lifestyle, and physical condition.

The program is for 5 days.

  • Eliminate all “whites” in your diet – all white refined sugar, all dairy, all white flour and all white rice. You can even try to cut out all breads altogether for these 5 days to get even more benefit. Otherwise, just stick to whole grains and brown rice.
  • Alcohol intake should be eliminated.
  • Eliminate caffeine – no coffee, black teas, sodas, etc. (to ease yourself off your caffeine habit, switch to drinking green tea for a few days before you begin the cleanse – this will reduce the caffeine withdrawal symptoms of headaches, irritability, etc.)
  • Drink 64-128 ounces of water each day – your will need more water to help flush the toxins out of your body during this time. If you are not a regular water drinker, be sure to drink at least 64 ounces of water. If you are already properly hydrated, still increase your water intake to aid the cleansing process.
  • You should only eat organic fruits, vegetables, and meats.
  • Do not eat meat, chicken, fish, etc. on Days 2-4 – this will give your digestive system a break so it can cleanse further. Animal protein can be very difficult for your system to digest and letting it rest for a few days will help your digestion. You can also challenge yourself to eliminate animal protein for the whole 5 days if you wish.
  • During this time, you can continue to take your regular supplements.

The goal of the 5-Day cleanse program is to give your body a chance to rest from the overload of what we dump into our bodies on a daily basis. Your body needs a break this week to get rid of gunk that is built up inside of you.

How your energy levels increase, how your thinking clears up, how your sleep improves, and how good you feel throughout this week are all things you can watch.

People are surprised by how attached they are to food when they do this type of cleanse. It shows when you use food as a reward, when you eat certain foods when you feel bored, anxious or upset. You are not allowed to eat some of the foods you like to eat, which may make you feel deprived. You may start making excuses to cheat on this cleanse if you don’t keep your discipline for these five days. Food is not a reward and it is not an entitlement.

Shifting from eating to live, rather than living to eat, is a healthy perspective shift to make. You should pay attention to your emotional state and learn from it. The way you eat and the way you think about food could be changed by doing this cleanse.


*Exerpted from the Being Well Lifestyles Home Study Course by Dr. Jay Warren.

Drawing on over two decades of experience as a hands-on holistic practitioner, Dr. Jay Warren is a primary healthcare provider and licensed chiropractor in the San Diego area. He has spent tens of thousands of clinical hours helping his patients achieve their optimal health potential through holistic approaches bolstered by years of personal experimentation, education and research. Dr. Jay creates customized plans integrating exercise, nutrition and stress management strategies to overcome a myriad of health challenges. For more information, email [email protected] or visit

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