Detox Foot Pad Scam | Detox Foot Pads – Ad Ad Avon

Detox Foot Pad Scam | Detox Foot Pads – Ad Ad Avon

When applied to the feet, the pads and patches are supposed to cleanse the body. The Kinoki Detox Foot Pad is said to remove toxins, restore balance within the body, and boost energy. Various other products are said to strengthen the immune system, reduce stress, improve circulation, improve sleep, enhance mental focus, and relieve headaches and arthritis pain. They are said to have an explanation for their work, which includes unblocking of lymphatic passages, negative ion that releases far infrared rays, and reflexology. The products should be regarded as fakes and the mechanisms as nonsensical.

Users are told to apply the products to the soles of their feet and leave them there overnight. They claim that the pads will turn muddy brown or black in the morning.

No studies have been done to identify what they claim to remove, measure its level in the body, and see whether the substances accumulate in the pads and have their level reduced in the body. It is unlikely that they will ever attempt to excrete toxins through the skin, because the idea that toxins will be excreted through the skin conflicts with what is known about human anatomy and physiology. In order for foreign substances to be removed from the body, they have to be altered in the body’s chemical structure so that they can be removed from the body’s blood and urine. Water and dissolved substances can be released from the sweat glands in the feet. Its role in ridding the body of unwanted substances is not changed by applying foot pads.

In April of that year. The Kinoki ad was investigated by ABC’s “20/20”.

  • Dropping distilled water on the pads produced the same dark color when they were used overnight.
  • There was no evidence of heavy metals or commonly used solvents in the analysis of the pads used by eight volunteers.
  • The companies offered no valid scientific studies when asked for tests that would show that their products really work.

A radio reporter in California conducted a similar investigation a few months later. She had her husband wear pads overnight and then go to the laboratory for testing. The heavy metal content of the used pads was the same as that of the unused pads, which meant that the pads don’t “suck out any toxins.” She held the unused pad over the boiling water. The dark color that results from wearing a Kinoki pad is caused by a chemical in the pad that reacts to water, which was caused by the steam that turned the pad black.

The Kinoki Detox Foot Pads Company has been given an unsatisfactory rating by the Better Business Bureau.

The Detox foot baths should be considered fakes.

In 2009, the Federal Trade Commission charged Yehuda (“Juda”) Levin, Baruch Levin, and their company (Xacta 3000 Inc.) with deceptive advertising. According to the complaint, the defendants claimed that applying Kinoki Foot Pads to the soles of the feet at night would remove heavy metals, metabolic wastes, toxins, parasites, chemicals, and cellulite from their bodies. The ads also claimed that use of the foot pads could treat depression, fatigue, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, and a weakened immune system [5].
The case was settled with a stipulated agreement under which Yehuda Levin and the company were barred from promoting or selling any dietary supplement, food, drug, or medical device, and from helping others do the same. The defendants agreed to a judgment of $14.5 million, which represented the total revenues from the sale of the pads. However, based on their inability to pay, the entire judgment was suspended but will become due if they are found to have misrepresented their financial condition [6].


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