Detoxy+ – All Your Detoxy+ Questions, Answered | How To Know If Detoxy+ Is Right For Me?

Detoxy+ – All Your Detoxy+ Questions, Answered | How To Know If Detoxy+ Is Right For Me?

We are no longer selling the previous version of Detoxy+. The new formula will be launched in January 2019.

Now, as you probably know, we launched our brand new product — DETOXY+ — last Friday with this blog post that contains some personal words from me, and why I love it.

Since that time, we have received a lot of questions via email, on the blog, on Facebook, and on social media.

I spent a lot of time trying to answer many questions over the weekend, but I know that you might not have seen those answers or have new questions, so I wanted to address them all in one post.

You can bookmark this post and use this as a reference any time you’re unsure about anything related to DETOXY+.

So without further ado, here are the questions.

Do You Ship to Europe, Canada or Australia?

We hope to be able to ship abroad in the not so distant future, but we are still working on it. Please know that we want to take care of you as soon as possible, and I don’t have dates yet, but please know that we hear you and want to take care of you asap. Will keep you posted on when we will be able to ship outside the US.

How many capsules do I take?

Since everyone reacts differently, we recommend starting with 1 or 2 capsule, seeing how your product reacts, and then figuring out what is right for you. Stick with it if you notice a greater elimination from just 1-2 capsules. If you feel like you need more, try increasing by one capsule and seeing how your body responds. We recommend that you use the product for at least 7 days straight in the beginning, and then after that, only as needed.

I have been taking Detoxy for a while and have been for a while. When I travel, I take 3-4 capsule every now and then. I have been on the road for over five months now, and I have been through a lot. Between traveling, I take it twice a week to keep as much moving out as possible. I used to take it more than once a week, but have reduced it a bit since. I may increase again if I feel I need to, as in the springtime, while I am doing a Glow Bio cleanse or periods. This may or may not be the right amount for you, so keep reading the next question.

How do I know if I’m taking the right amount?

Listen to what is happening in your body. The product is designed to increase elimination, but not in a way that is uncomfortable. If you find the experience to be uncomfortable, take less, but if you are not experiencing the increased elimination, take more. Take less if you have a bad experience with the disease.

When do I take the capsules?

We recommend that you take your capsule with water before you go to sleep to make sure that you don’t have any excess elimination or discomfort during the day. It can work overnight and help you eliminate better in the morning, which is convenient.

What are the capsules made of?

The capsule is made from vegetable cellulose. 100% vegan and non-toxic, they are easy to dissolve.

What if I cannot swallow the capsules?

You can mix the powder with water if you can’t swallow the capsules.

Is the product 100% vegan?


It is certified as a vegan because it has been independently certified to use no animal products in the process of creating it.

Is it free of gluten, soy, corn or other allergens?

The product has no carbohydrates or macronutrients of any kind—and is 100% soy-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free. 

Is it okay to take them daily?

It is dependent on your body. Some people prefer to take 1-2 capsule daily for general maintenance, while others prefer to take more capsule during periods of cleansing.

Detoxy is not habit-forming the way laxatives are, so you can incorporate them periodically or more regularly into your long-term health program.

Should I take the capsules with food?

We recommend taking them at night, before bed and for a few hours away from food to avoid indigestion.

What if I have another brand, such as MagO7, that I purchased previously? What is the difference?

I still recommend Mag07, it is an excellent product and I have recommended it for years. All my previous instructions from my books still apply, I prefer the purity/quality of this source and the way it feels in my body, and I also wanted to be sure we were using the highest quality vegan caps. DETOXY+ is free of both soy and gluten.

How does it work?

By releasing small amounts of oxygen into your colon, acidic waste can be broken up and your stool softened. This causes a cleansing action that will help the waste to be eliminated more naturally.

Can it help with Candida?

It is possible that oxygen may help kill the yeasts and molds that are included in the anaerobic bacteria. There is no cure-all or quick fix when it comes to balancing candida.

Can it help my skin?

It is possible because many skin issues are affected by colon health. Excess oil andAcne can be caused by having old waste stuck in your colon. Positive changes in the quality of your skin will be created by anything you do to improve your digestion and elimination.

Over time, an abundance of oxygen in your body can have anti-aging effects.

Will it make my urge to go to the bathroom uncontrollable? Will I need to be in the bathroom all day?

For most people, the urge to eliminate may be a little stronger and more regular, but certainly not extreme or uncontrollable. One of the reasons we recommend starting with just one capsule is to see how your body reacts to it before increasing the amount. If you have any questions or concerns, we encourage you to consult with a medical professional.

Will it give me diarrhea?

If you take too much at any given time, diarrhea is usually the only problem. If this is your first time, it is best to start with 1-2 capsules. If you have been using another brand and are comfortable with a specific dosage, you should be able to use that same one. It is best to consult your doctor if you are unsure about how much to take, or if you have any other health issues.

Is it okay to take with Probiotics+?

I highly recommend taking both for the best results. In the morning and in the evening, there are certain types of flora and fauna.

There are no issues with taking DETOXY+ along with Probiotics+, as the oxygen only works against unfriendly, anaerobicbacteria, not friendly flora. You don’t want to overwhelm your system with too much detox unless you know it’s ready, and that’s the one caveat. There is no rush when it comes to cleansing, so always take fewer DETOXY+ capsule to start, as there is always an error on the side of being gentle and conservative. You will get to your destination soon enough if you love and support your body’s natural processes.

Do I need to drink more water when taking it?

If you find yourself feeling thirsty or dry, we recommend increasing water consumption by at least 1-2 glasses per day. As the oxygen begins to break up the excess waste, the stool is softened and water is drawn to that area to help flush it out. Taking in more water helps ensure you get the results you want and stays hydrated throughout the process.

Are there any side effects?

There are some potential reactions to be aware of, however, no side effects so to speak. The more you take, the more likely you are to experience loose stools or similar symptoms. Just taking less can be used to minimize this. Depending on the health of your colon, gas build up can cause some initial uneasiness or even pain. If you start slowly and pass in a day or two, this is rare.

If you have more significant constipation or more severe candida, there may be more initial pain until the waste is eliminated and your system is brought into balance. If you experience a cleansing reaction that makes you uncomfortable, reduce the amount you take. Stop taking the product and consult a medical professional if you need to.

Is it okay to take while pregnant or nursing?

In general, it’s better to be extra safe when dealing with pregnancy, so please check with your doctor or qualified medical professional first. While DETOXY+ is very gentle (just magnesium and oxygen), everyone’s body is different and the body is more sensitive during and post-pregnancy. So it’s best to be on the safe side and check.

Can I give it to children?

It is a good idea to consult with your doctor or medical professional when considering a supplement for children. Children may find it difficult to take the capsule, as the product begins to work, and they may have to control their bowels as the product begins to work. We do not recommend it for children.

Can it be taken while on prescription medications?

Though we don’t know of anycontraindications for specific drugs, you should speak with your doctor to see if this product will affect or alter the results of your medication protocol. First of all, safety!

Does it ever become less effective or stop working for some people?

As your body gets healthier and cleaner, you may need more product to experience faster elimination. That is because there is less waste to break up.

Listen to your body, and let it tell you what it needs. If you are living a healthy lifestyle, there is no risk for dependency or diminished effect over time. Less effect means you have less waste to eliminate.

I have been taking it for a long time, and I have less toxicity than I used to, but there is always waste to cleanse! We are living in a polluted world and we are constantly eating.

How will I know that my digestive system is clean?

We live in a world where we are exposed to a lot of pollutants, toxins, and toxins from phones. Cleansing is an ongoing process that needs to be supported on a continual basis. If you want to maintain your best possible health, we recommend having this product on hand and making it a part of your program every now and then.

Still Have Another Question? Ask Me Below!

This lengthy list should answer most questions, however, I know this is a new product, and you may have a question or concern that is unique to you, or hasn’t been covered. If that is the case, or you would like to express yourself, you can post it in the comments section below. I will be answering any questions I see and reviewing this post often.

Overall, we have a very exciting week this week on the website.

We have a new assignment for those in the program tomorrow, and we will have a post on Thursday about how well your second brain is working.

For those of you who have already placed your orders for DETOXY+ — thank you so much for your support — I really look forward to your shipment arriving soon and hearing your experience. If not, and you want to try it, simply go to this page, click the purple add to cart button, and follow the steps.

I want to personally thank you again for being with us, I feel so blessed to be sharing my passion with this vibrant, beautiful community. It means so much to me.

Tomorrow is the day to talk to you.





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