Diy Foot Soak Foot Soak Diy Detox Foot Soak Foot Soak Diy De | How To Make A Foot Soak With Healing Clays?

Diy Foot Soak Foot Soak Diy Detox Foot Soak Foot Soak Diy De | How To Make A Foot Soak With Healing Clays?

I’m a big fan of healing clays. I put them in my own bath and in my children’s bath water. I use them on my face as a face mask and my armpits to help detox and avoid odor.

I like to use them in a foot cleanse that is much easier than a full bath. The benefits of a clay or salt bath without the mess and extra work are provided by this.

Pamper your Feet…

Our feet are very important to our body. Our feet take a beating when we are walking, chasing kids, working at a standing desk, wearing high heels, cooking, or any other activity.

A foot massage or pedicure is relaxing because of this. Relaxing our feet is a great way to relieve stress and help relax the whole body. Adding a few additional ingredients can increase the relaxation and health benefits, even if you just take a foot soak in hot water.

Adding Bentonite Clay is beneficial to the body in a number of ways.

When hydrated, Bentonite Clay can produce an “electrical charge”. The ability to absorb toxins is due to the electrical components changing after contact with fluid. It is known for its ability to remove toxins and heavy metals.

Bentonite is a clay that is swelling. It swells open like a sponge when it is mixed with water. The toxins are drawn into the sponge through an electrical attraction and then bound.

The positive charge in many toxins is bonds to the negative charge in Bentonite clay. When it comes in contact with a chemical or heavy metal, the clay will absorb it and release it’s minerals for the body to use. It pulls excess hydrogen from the cells and allows them to replace it with oxygen.

I have found that my favorite combination for a soothing foot soak is bentonite and epsom salts, but I have an unusual way of making the foot soak…

Ingredients You’ll Need

To get the most benefits from the clay and the epsom salts, I found an unusual way to start this bath. I began by mixing 1/2 cup of epsom salt into the water for a foot soak. I use a tub like this one, but even a three- dollar dishpan or a bucket will work just fine.

I put the salt on the towel after dissolving it in hot water.

In a bowl, I mix 2 ounces of bentonite clay with 1 ounce of apple cider vinegar. If necessary, I add a little water to thin. I put on a coat of this mixture and let it dry for 10 minutes.

The water has cooled enough to put my feet in, and the bentonite has dried. If I want, I can add 10 drops of essential oils to the water. When I put my feet in the tub, the hardened clay starts dissolving slowly and the benefits of the epsom salts start to take effect.

I continue to soak for about 15 minutes before gently scrubbing my feet with a natural brush.

I wash my feet and pat them dry. I usually do this before bed since it is relaxing, but it could be done anytime.

  • 2 ounces of bentonite clay.
  • 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
    water to thin mixture (if needed)
  • 1/2 cup epsom salt
  • 6 quarts of hot water is enough to fill your container.
  • A few drops of essential oils are optional.
  1. Dissolve the salt in hot water, but not in a large bowl or foot tub.
  2. To cool off, put a towel on.
  3. If you need to make a smooth paste, add water and mix the clay and apple cider vinegar.
  4. Allow the smooth over of feet and ankles to sit for 10 minutes before starting to crack.
  5. For 15 minutes, place in foot soak. The clay will fall off as time goes on.
  6. To remove clay and dead skin, use a natural bristle brush at the end.
  7. Rinse and pat dry.

Are you a big fan of healing clays? There are some other ideas that you can try.

Do you take care of your feet? What is your favorite way to travel?

This simple DIY detoxifying foot soak combines the benefits of epsom salt, bentonite clay, apple cider vinegar and essential oils for detox and stress relief.

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