Facebook Marketplace – How to Post Vehicles Into Facebook Marketplace For Free!

Facebook Marketplace – How to Post Vehicles Into Facebook Marketplace For Free!

Facebook has a new platform called Facebook Marketplace. The answer to the question of how to post vehicles into Facebook Marketplace for free is found in the following paragraphs.

Facebook has gained attention in the automotive space. Many dealers are asking about the marketplace. How can we get in? What is the cost?

If you don’t already know about it, here are 3 key points you should consider.

Dealers should post on the Facebook marketplace.

1 Car shoppers are using the marketplace more.

Facebook invested a lot in their automotive team and worked hard to improve their products.

Thousands of car dealers are connected with 800 million active shoppers.

The automotive industry should not overlook the platform as an advertising solution, as was made clear by the recent quarterly update of Facebook by CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Want to know more? Why your dealership can’t miss out on the car market on Facebook.

2. Facebook Marketplace drives leads posting ad on kijiji

Most third party marketplaces offer chat services.

It starts conversations about your inventory with a potential buyer on an effective, familiar messaging service.

These leads are usually ready to make an appointment. Michael Renaud is the VP of Leader automotive group and he talks about how Facebook helps his dealership sell more cars.

Can you not list your inventory on Facebook?

3. Facebook Marketplace is *technically* FREE

There are unlimited, free listings in the marketplace.

Facebook streamlined the feed integration process and recruited approved Facebook Inventory Partners for dealers to easily list their vehicles. Click here to view Facebook’s article on approved inventory partners.

With other platforms, a high volume of vehicles can lead to problems.

There is a table listing other automotive platforms. The most affordable packages were used.

The clear winner is Facebook.

How to post vehicles on Facebook for free.

The goal was for Facebook to be a free tool. They do not allow inventory partners to charge per post or lead.

On their Help Page, Facebook states that they don’t charge to list inventory on Marketplace, but that there may be fees to work with.

We require just $100 per month to sync your inventory to Facebook and help you list vehicles on Facebook, which is free of charge.

The “$100 Syndication Fee” covers pulling your inventory feed data, standardizing and formatting the feed according to Facebook’s guidelines, creating an automotive catalog for your dealership within Facebook, and then uploading that to the Facebook Marketplace.

Ready to post to Facebook for free? If you qualify, click here.

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