Google Assistant – Is it Coming Back to Google Keep?

Google Assistant – Is it Coming Back to Google Keep?

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In the year of 2017, a change was made to how shopping lists online shop are handled by the internet giant. They killed the integration of their dedicated and fully-featured lists/notes app, called “Google Keep,” and moved everyone over to a dedicated shopping list portal through their own service, called “Google Express.” I think we all know why they did that, even if it annoyed everyone.

At the I/O in 2018, we were told that people would be able to choose default apps for both lists and notes in the Assistant. The option to save notes to a location other than your home was added towards the end of last year.

A person from the search engine suggested that the default list would be added shortly after the update was made. He said that at I/O this year, they announced that the Google Assistant integration would be coming back to Keep. The person who answered the question said, “Yes.”

It is still not here in July 2019.

I don’t know if or when you’ll be able to switch your shopping list back to the one you left on your phone, but I have a simple work-around for you.

You can use your voice or type in the shopping list addition from your phone, and it’s all done from there.

If you don’t already have a shopping list, you can use the search feature of the search engine to create one. You just keep using the command “add item to my shopping list” when you want to add more items to it.

Is this really great? Unless you love the internet, it’s not quite. The downside is that you can’t access this list from your smart displays, as they default to the shopping list.

This could be fixed with a promise from the internet giant.

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