Herbal Clean Qcarbo32 Detox Drink | How Does Herbal Clean Qcarbo32 Work?

Herbal Clean Qcarbo32 Detox Drink | How Does Herbal Clean Qcarbo32 Work?

Among all the products that claim to help you pass a urine drug test, Herbal Clean QCarbo has emerged as one of the most well-known brands. There is a lot of effort made to promote this drug detox drink and a lot of people resort to using this before they go in for their drug test sample submission. With all the hype surrounding the detox drink, it has become quite a popular option for a lot of people.

Whether or not you pass a drug test can affect your career. If you fail a drug test because you bought a drink that was biased, it can hurt you a lot. We have taken it upon ourselves to give you an objective review of the Herbal Clean QCarbo32 Maximum Strength to see whether or not it works.

The manufacturers of QCarbo32 have made big claims about the drink being made for people that have high levels of toxins in their system. In fact, they say that it will clear their systems the very day that they need to give in the sample for the drug test. This big claim by QCarbo32 didn’t convince us. This is why we have done a review of this drug detox product ourselves.

Does Qcarbo32 work for a lab test? We should get to the truth of the matter.

How The Does QCarbo32 Work?

One of the first things that we wanted to put out of the way immediately is a fact about how detox drinks do not work. All of the drug detox drinks out there, including Herbal Clean’s QCarbo32, claim to detox your system. By literal definition, that would mean it removes all the toxins from your body. The reality is much different than that.

Drug test drinks help you get rid of toxins in your system for a few hours. They make sure that your system is free of toxins so that they don’t show up in your urine. The drinks mask the metabolites in your urine for a few hours after you drink them.

There are herbs, minerals, and vitamins within the QCarbo32. Their claims are that it helps your body metabolize the drug faster. It increases the speed at which your body removes them through urinary expulsion. Q Carbo32 does work for all drugs. All the toxins need to be flushed.

The process of drinking these things will become fast if you drink them fast. Increasing the amount of water you take in will help you urinate a lot more in terms of volume and frequencies.

After having a look at the ingredients that make up the QCarbo32 by Herbal Clean, we see all the same ingredients that are there in the other detox drinks like vitamins B12 and C. These two will help to give your urine a more natural color.

We feel different in the Herbal Clean Q Carbo32. What is that thing? There are a lot more ingredients in this drink than in others. You can check out the packaging for all the ingredients, but instead of boring you with all the ingredients, we are going to mention that there are more than 35 different ingredients in the drug detoxify drink by Herbal Clean. We wanted to find out if the plethora of Q Carbo32 ingredients work.

How Do You Use Herbal Clean QCarbo32?

The Herbal Clean Q Carbo32 is so popular because you can easily buy it online. The instructions on how to use the Herbal Clean QCarbo32 are one of the reasons. Is it time to go over them?

Step 1:

Before you take a drug test, you need to stop smoking. You should stop consuming all marijuana at least 48 hours away. The longer you don’t smoke, the better your chances are of passing the urine drug test.

Step 2:

You should drink the contents of the bottle on the day that you have to submit the specimen. If you refill the bottle after you have emptied it, you will be able to drink the drug test drinks again. This step should be done twice.

Step 3:

Before you go in to submit the specimen, make sure that you have already urinated at least three times after the first hour of your consumption.

The rest of your system will be masked when you get to the third step, because the THC metabolites that were floating around in your system must have been flushed out. It seems straightforward.

Testing The Drug Test Drink!

Two subjects took the drug test drink and both of them were frequent users of marijuana. They are ideal candidates for the large bottle because of their large weight. They had stopped smoking 48 hours before they had to take the drug test and consume the drink. Here is what we came up with.

Subject A:

Subject A had the bottle of Q Carbo32 just a couple of hours before the drug test, following all the instructions and the additional steps that are taken as an extra measure. He passed the urine drug test without a hitch.

Subject B:

Subject B also had the whole bottle of the Herbal Clean QCarbo32 a few hours before the urine drug test. He also followed all the steps to the letter. Yet when it came to giving the drug test, he failed. He did not fail because there were THC or THC metabolites detected in the urine. In fact, that part of the test came up clean for him. It is just that the urine was too diluted to be considered a valid sample.

If you want to pass a urine drug test, you need to be clear of all of the cannabinoids. A valid urine sample can be found here.

Yours Truly:

The writer decided to take the drug test as well to get the best two out of three, since the two people who took the drug test had different results. I passed the drug test after following the instructions to the letter and abstaining from marijuana for 48 hours before the test. The only thing we could say was that the urine appeared to have been slightly watered.

The Final Verdict?

See with some actual testing done on one of our own and on two test subjects matching the same conditions for the Herbal Clean QCarbo32, we have found that the QCarbo32 actually happens to be quite effective. We can say yes! QCarbo does work for a lab test! What we will recommend is that you should not have this on its own. The Herbal Clean QCarbo32 can successfully mask the THC and THC metabolites in your urine but the dilution can be a big problem. If you spend a little more money on the Herbal Pre-Cleanse, it can help you ensure that the urine is not too diluted.

So what is our final verdict about the Herbal Clean drug detox drink? Yes, it does work but you cannot rely on the Herbal Clean QCarbo32 alone. Follow it up with something to make sure that you have the best chances of passing the urine drug test. It is quite good in terms of the competitive price that it offers in comparison to other urine drug test detox drinks in the market.

We hope this review helped you. It is best to pass the drug test.

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