How to Clean a Silicone Phone Case

How to Clean a Silicone Phone Case

Most people have an Apple iPhone, or some other form of mobile device that is on their hip. Consumers touch our phones with dirty hands when they are on social media and texting. Learning how to clean a phone case is a good way to improve our health.

Try to picture the things you are touching. Imagine the possibilities of dirt, grime, and who knows what else that comes from our phones and hands.

The dirt is not visible at first, but eventually it builds up on the case. Silicone phone cases are used to protect the phone from being scratched and broken.

Silicone rubber is easy to clean and only takes a few minutes to clean. This article gives you a lot of options to clean rubber phone cases.

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What to Know about Cleaning Silicone Rubber

Silicone rubber is a popular material for cell phone cases. Silicone rubber is made from other substances like oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon.

Silicone has better weatherability and heat resistance than other materials.

Silicone phone cases are easy to clean because they stand up to most household ingredients. It is not easy to damage.

How to Clean a Silicone Phone Case

After you take the phone out, washing rubber phone cases is the best way uv smart home sanitizer to clean them. If you want to keep your phone safe, wash it once per month and then use a natural spray to clean it.

There are some of the best deep-cleaning techniques and homemade Disinfectants that you can use to clean the silicone.

To clean the phone itself, you can use rubbing alcohol.

Cleaning Phone Cases with Microfiber Cloths

If you inspect your phone case carefully, you will see dirt build up around the edges. This method works when you are sick of looking at the dirty phone and need a quick fix.

Remove your phone from the case and use a microfiber cloth to clean the dirt from the items.

Once the flaws are gone, you can pick up dirt leftover by using a few fingers. Put your phone in a case.

Dish Soap Phone Case Cleanser

The best way to clean rubber phone cases is with dish soap. This combination is a tried and true method of breaking down grease and sterilizing it at the same time.

The phone is in the case. Warm water and a few drops of dish soap are all you need to fill a small bowl. The toothbrush will create suds from the water.

Take a few minutes to scrub your case with the brush and soap water, because it will take a while to get to the corners and buttons. It is a must to dip the toothbrush in the water.

Before putting the phone back in the case, you should rinse it with warm water and then dry it with a soft cloth. This routine is best for a phone case that is starting to oxidize.

The Ideal Way to Clean Rubber Phone Cases

Baking soda can be used to clean household objects. Combine it with the second-best cleaning product, and you have an extra tough phone cleaner.

Baking soda and phone paste.

White vinegar

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In a small bowl, stir baking soda and vinegar. The mixture may be a little bit too wet. If you want to cover the toothbrush, dunk it in the baking soda paste and scrub the entire case.

The mix should be put on the phone for five minutes before being washed. Allow your phone to dry or be wiped clean.

Quick and Easy Disinfectant

It only takes 60 seconds to get your phone case to be suck. You can have a few wipes on hand at home, in your purse, suitcase or the office.

Remove your phone and wipe the case and phone itself. Before putting them back together, let them dry.

Making Sanitizing Wipes at Home

Sanitizing wipes are a bit pricey. If you don’t have the money to shop at the store, there is a cheaper option.

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To clean a phone case with wipes, remove your phone from its case and place a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball so it is not overly soaked.

To killbacteria, wipe the cotton around the case. You can use a cotton swab for areas that are too large to reach. Put your phone back inside the case.

Homemade Purifying Spray

This is a simple way to make a spray. These ingredients are cheap to buy and are easy to make. They make the cleaning process quicker.

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Distilled water

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In a spray bottle, mix equal parts distilled water and higher-percentage alcohol. The liquids should be combined thoroughly. Remove the phone from the case.

You can spray the solvent on the phone case. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the surfaces.

Cleaning White Phone Cases

For a while, the white phone cases look sleek. White phone cases start to look dingy after a while. You probably already have the ingredients for a simple solution to cleaning white phone cases.

Silicones start to yellow as they age. Silicone gets exposed to high levels of heat, light, and chemicals.

The material is starting to degrade, which is why it is called yellowing. It makes our phone case look dull and uncared for.

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If you want to get bleach fully submerged, you need to put a container large enough to fit your phone case in the water.

Let the phone case soak for a few minutes. The case should be removed from the bleach solution and washed under the sink. Before you put the case back on your phone, make sure it’s dry.

Using a Magic Eraser for Cleaning Silicone Rubber

Is it too much to say that Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are magical? The small pads give phone cases a shine.

Dunk your Magic Eraser in warm water and begin scrubbing your phone case. Put the case on your phone.

After washing silicone cupcake liners, this solution works well, but you will get a few grease stains. The eraser wipes them away.

Cleaning Solutions for Overstretched Silicone Cases

Silicone phone cases can stretch out over time. If you have this problem, there is a way to shrink your case while cleaning it. Bring a small pot of tap water to a rolling boil over high heat.

If you want to shrink the case, you have to remove the phone from it and submerge it in the water for 30 seconds. To get the case out of the water, use tongs to remove it from the water.

Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals

Silicone is durable, but it is best to avoid harsh household cleaning products. Silicone rubber can last longer if the products are bypassed.

Use products that contain ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, aerosol sprays, and window cleaners.

When All Else Fails, Get a New Case

Silicone rubber is a good material to clean regularly. Yours may have lasted a long time. Good things do end.

If your case looks dull, it is time to invest in a new one.

The internet and most brick and mortar stores have a wide range of options with different colors, materials, patterns and perks. They have a large scale of price ranges that fit any budget.

The world is getting more advanced. The more we go, the more we see the advances in phone and phone case technology.

Regardless of how advanced things get, remember that germs andbacteria are always around. Everyone should make a monthly list of the tasks that should be done.

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