How To Deal With A Toxic Wife (3D Detox Strategy) | How To Detoxify A Toxic Wife?

How To Deal With A Toxic Wife (3D Detox Strategy) | How To Detoxify A Toxic Wife?

Do you have a wife that is toxic? Are you in a toxic marriage and you are suffering? Are you in a relationship with a woman that is toxic?

This is what I am going to say…

One reason a toxic wife is bad news is because of it. She will get worse and worse the longer you don’tdetox.

You have to detoxify her. Making your marriage work is dependent on learning how to deal with a toxic spouse.

You will need to find out before you can.

Is she really toxic? Is she just super-naggy because of something?

Can we find out, shall we?

You’re about to learn the THREE BIGGEST SIGNS of a toxic wife. Continue reading, and remember to take lots of notes!

Three Signs of a Toxic Wife

The first sign is when your marriage feels like a power struggle.

Either she is trying to take over your position as the head of the household…

You made a terrible mistake by agreeing to equal authority with her.

In both cases, your wife will feel very uncertain about you. She acts out by being toxic to you because she won’t know how to explain it.

That is the first sign of the power struggle.

And as she struggles for power in the marriage, she pulls off the usual shitty tricks on you, including gaslighting and reverse psychology.

Sounds familiar?

Now, here’s the second sign of a toxic wife: When she disrespects you, especially in public.

Women know that disrespecting a man is one of the worst ways to hurt a man. It’s twice as bad if you do it in full view of other people.

Women subconsciously know that men can’t stand being disrespected in public and will use that power move to undermine their husbands.

Is your wife disrespectful to you? She probably knows that she is being toxic if she does.

Now here’s the third sign: The more you appease her, the more toxic she gets.

This is probably the most common sign. She gets worse and worse, no matter how hard you try to make her happy.

How many of these signs do you see in your spouse?

Hopefully none.

And yet again, even if you spot just ONE sign, then that’s a call to action. You MUST detoxify her, and fast.

In a moment, we will get to that.

Can a marriage be saved from ruin?

Let’s answer a more pressing question for now.

What is the root cause of all this toxicity?

Well, I can answer that question. Or more specifically, we can.

I belong to an online community called Shogun Method. We’re a group of about 17,000 men from all over the world. And we do one thing: Study the female mind and how it works in relationships and marriage.

We have tested our theories, shared our results, and pored over science journals. The Humanistic Psychologist is one of the scientific research that has been distilled into this guide.

If you are, you need to pay attention to what you learn in this article. It might save your relationship.

Do you know what we discovered about toxic wives?

All toxicity is the result of a downward spiral in a marriage.

It all starts with one thing…

The attraction is no longer there.

Your wife is no longer feeling attracted to you.

She starts to feel stressed and worried as a result. She felt like she had been tricked into marrying a weak, unattractive man.

She does what every healthy woman would do. She is trying to make you act like a man again.

She doesn’t even know she’s doing it.

It is instinctive. It is meant to help you restore your strength and dominance.

It may sound crazy, but that is what the science says. If you follow the scientific advice I will be giving you, you will see it for yourself.

Regardless, the most pressing question needs to be asked.

How do you rid yourself of your toxic wife?

Here’s our answer.

The Shogun Method calls it the “3D Detoxifier Strategy.”

How to deal with a wife who is toxic.

The 3D Detox Strategy is used.

“3D” is short for “Desolation, Deceit, and Danger.” These are the three new TRAITS you should develop in yourself.

The reason your wife is toxic is because you are not the strong, dominant leader she needs you to be. The change needs to start with you.

Let’s go through the 3 D’s one by one.

First, there’s Desolation. This simply means you have to be 100% comfortable with living for yourself.

This means there are two things.

  • Your happiness should be more important to you than hers. And, that’s right.
  • You should have a mission that is more important than your marriage.

What should you be doing? That is yours to decide. Even if your wife leaves you, it has to be something compelling that gives you meaning.

That’s the first D – Desolation.

Here’s the second one: Deceit. This means you should be 100% comfortable with doing whatever it takes to get the results you want.

That also includes manipulating your spouse.

You should be able to influence her thoughts and decisions. You can tell a white lie to make her less toxic and supportive.

If Deceit produces good results, it can be a good thing.


And lastly, here’s the third D – Danger.

This simply means you should regularly put your wife under emotional stress. (You can simply walk away and ignore her.) Which you’ll relieve afterward, of course.

Here is what that means…

You shouldn’t hesitate to tease her, challenge her, argue with her, or put her in stress.

If you do any of the above, you will relieve the stress.

She will start to see you as her pillar of strength.

The leadership spot in the marriage is being reclaimed by you.

Even if she doesn’t know it, your wife is waiting for you to do that.

The 3D technique is what you have. It is your ticket to fixing your toxic marriage and finally getting that happily ever after.

How to fix a marriage that is toxic.

You might be thinking, “But Fredo, all that sounds kind of controversial.” I don’t think I’m ready to do all of that.

Well, you would be correct. The 3D technique is not a warm and fuzzy technique.

It gets you the results you want. That should make it worth it, right?

I totally understand if that is how you feel. Here is what I would suggest.

The last D is called Danger and it is the most important.

That would be enough if you can do that.

It will do the trick, but you will need more time to do it.

I suggest you use an alternate form of danger. This one is only about telling a story.

There is a proper name for that variation of Danger. Fractionation is what it is called.

Like the rest of the 3D Technique, it is not politically correct.

Here is what I will do for you.

You will find a link at the end of this article.

There is a link that will take you to a special online seminar. The enlightened people of Shogun Method hosted.

We will teach you everything you need to know about Fractionation. You will learn about it, how it works, and how to use it on your wife.

It is the fastest, surest way to get rid of your wife.

Remember, you are running out of time.

Alright, let’s not waste the opportunity.

Go ahead – click the link and sign right up. I’ll see you on the other side inside the Shogun community.



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