How To Detox Your Body Of Heavy Metals, Kill Morgellons & Protect | How To Detox And Detox A Body Of Toxic Toxin

How To Detox Your Body Of Heavy Metals, Kill Morgellons & Protect | How To Detox And Detox A Body Of Toxic Toxin

We are living in a crazy world.

Many of us know that toxins in our environment can be harmful to our health. I’m pretty sure that most of the people have not been aware of how much of these toxins are putting our health in jeopardy and the extent to which these toxins are attacking our very cellular structure.

We are being poisoned by heavy metals, chem trails, smart dust, Morgellons, glyphosate, fluoride, wifi radiation and a host of other toxins, all of which have been intentionally approved of and released by governments worldwide. Our regulatory institutions, the ones that are supposed to be protecting us, have been infiltrated by bad actors and have failed us.

Good nutrition, exercise and stress management are important, but they are not enough to stay healthy.

We need to be taking care of our body on an ongoing basis.

Consider the toxins we are exposed to every day.

The human body is capable of self-healing. Our body is constantly working to keep everything in balance. We are being exposed to toxins through our skin, inhalation, or consuming food and liquids. It is too much for the body to handle. We become susceptible to illness and dis-ease when toxins are not removed fast enough.

On top of good nutrition, exercise and stress management, we need to detox our body in these three key areas:

  1. Get those heavy metals out of your body.
  2. There are Morgellons parasites that can be killed.
  3. You should protect yourself from radiation poisoning and EMF frequencies.

You can protect your health by using some of the most effective ways to cleanse your body. You can use this list as a starting point and a guide to explore the items more deeply as you do your own research.

In a future post, I will go into more detail. If you are interested in a protocol that is tailored to your body, your situation, and needs, I suggest finding a Naturopath or Functional Medicine Therapist you can work with one-on-one.

How To Detox Heavy Metals

We humans are bioelectric beings and sensitive to changes in frequencies, including 5G EMFs. Heavy metals in our body turn us into a human antenna and make us more sensitive to the harmful effects of EMFs.

When your body absorbs these toxins, they build up in the body. Common signs of heavy metal toxicity include: nausea, headaches, difficulty breathing, vomiting, neurological symptoms like confusion and convulsions, digestive issues and cramps, joint pain and muscle pain and more.

Getting the heavy metals out of your body is something we need to be doing every day.

You can remove heavy metals from your body with these effective ways.

1. Distilled Water Fasting
Distilled water fasting pulls heavy metals out of the body and triggers stem cell regeneration of immune system cells. Distilled water is the most pure form of water, with no sediment and no trace minerals.

It is the only purification system that removes all types ofbacteria, virus, parasites, and pathogen, as well as pesticides, herbicides, organic and inorganic chemicals, heavy metals (dissolved or otherwise), and even RADIOACTIVE CONTAMINANTS.

Resources on fasting: Prof. Arnold Ehret’s Rational Fasting for Physical, Mental and Spiritual Rejuvenation + Mucusless Diet Healing System + Aquarius The Water Bearer

Distilled Water Systems for Home Use: Live Pristine; (Travel Size) H2O Labs Distiller

2. TRS Advanced Zeolite
“Zeolites are Nature’s own toxin removal system. Advanced TRS promotes detoxification by attracting, trapping, and removing heavy metals, toxins, and other contaminants from the body. At the cellular level, removing such toxins allows cells to return to their healthy equilibrium and function.”

3. Chlorella + Cilantro
Together, these two herbs are known to bind to and remove 80% of heavy metals out of the body in 42 days.

4. Selenium to Detox Mercury
Chem trails dispelled in the atmosphere as part of government directed weather manipulation and geo-engineering projects are reported to unleash a number of toxic heavy metals into the air. Mercury, aluminum and lithium are among the poisons believed to be among the hazardous chemicals found in chem trails.

Selenium binding to mercury and removing it from the body is the same thing as Zeolite.

5. Bentonite Clay
“Calcium Bentonite clay is the natural detoxing agent that can be used internally, externally with poultices and full body applications, and by taking detox clay baths. These are highly beneficial methods for detoxification, especially for cases of heavy metal poisoning and radiation buildup.” – Food Matters

6. Alkaline Diet: choose organic, non-GMO foods. When detoxing heavy metals out of your body, an alkaline diet of distilled water and fruit is best. Choose foods that are grown straight from nature, are not processed and do not have added chemicals. In other words, eat real foods grown without pesticides.

How To Protect Yourself From 5G EMF Radiation Poisoning

In 2020, 5G towers were turned on around the globe while the world was directed by their governments to “stay home” due to the corona p(l)andemic. There is a ton of research available that reveals a strong correlation between increases in electrification of the planet and “pandemics”. Unfortunately, there has also been massive censorship. Two resources that go into great depth on this include Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity & Life book and The Contagion Myth by Dr Thomas Cowan.

Every day, more information comes out that shows that the same symptoms as radiation toxicity reactions are present.

Every organ in our body is affected by radiation. 5G frequencies poke holes in the cellular wall. We become susceptible to dis-ease when the cell wall is damaged or compromised.

EMF radiation sensitivity symptoms include:  insomnia, fatigue, neurological issues, tremors, Parkinson’s, difficulty concentrating, ear problems, tinnitus, cardiovascular and heart issues, rashes, skin problems, burning sensations, emotional issues, headaches, fertility issues and miscarriage, and restless leg syndrome, among other symptoms.

We need to protect ourselves from the harmful effects of EMF radiation. There are some ways to protect yourself.

  1. Hard wire your devices with a cable to the internet instead of using wi-fi.
  2. At night, turn off the internet connection.
  3. Use cabled headphones instead of wireless headphones.
  4. You can get a shielding blanket to place between your body and electronic devices.
  5. When a laptop is on the lap, it is reported that sperm is decreased by 50%, so don’t put a laptop on your lap.
  6. Don’t put your cellphone in your sports bra or pants pockets.
  7. Purchase cellphone protectors that protect them from EMF.
  8. Find out where the nearest 5G tower is located in relation to your home, school, workplace, place of worship.
  9. Stay Grounded: Spend time every day “grounding” in nature. Put your bare feet on the sand, dirt, soil, beach.
  10. If you want to turn your phone off at night, turn it on in airplane mode.
  11. Iodine: read this book, Healing With Iodine; “High levels of heavy metals in the body have been shown to have amplifying effects on EMF radiation. Iodine helps to flush the body of heavy metals. It is recommended when taking Iodine to also take magnesium, vitamin C, and selenium as well.” – EMF Academy
  12. Turmeric: Turmeric has radioprotective effects and prevents the occurrence of disease caused by radiation exposure. “One of the strongest free radical fighting supplements available, Curcumin also helps to protect the cells, and prevent damaging inflammation from radiation.” – EMF Academy
  13. Shungite, Organite, & Tourmaline Pyramids: Place Shungite or Black Tourmaline pyramids around the house, especially near your work space or near smart devices. Shungite, organite, and tourmaline absorb and neutralize EMF radiation. Shungite pyramids can be ordered from Chanda Morse.
  14. Biomagnets: repairs and reverses damage caused by harmful EMFs.

How To Kill Morgellons, aka The Nanotech Parasites

Morgellons are tiny parasites that look like they are moving. They move and are activated when exposed to the form of mucus, as well as the 5G frequencies. Once in the human body, these parasites seek out other Morgellon parasites and form a network.

People who suffer from morgellons feel like their skin is crawling. This makes sense since the parasites move under the skin.

Truth seeking researchers like Chanda Morse (IG @chandashinesagain) report that because of chem trails and other toxins in the environment, we all have morgellons in our body, whether we realize it or not. We can’t get rid of them all but we can kill as many as possible so that they do not keep growing and forming networks inside our body. (Eww, crazy, right?!)

The morgellon parasites can be killed by following these steps.

Final Thoughts:

There are so many items listed in this list of supplements and practices that it may be a bit overwhelming. I am aware of many ways to support health and healing, but I don’t take all of the supplements myself.

The main practices I incorporate into my daily life are: 1) limiting as much as possible my exposure to EMFs; 2) eating a plant-based alkaline vegan diet comprised primarily of fruit and distilled water or fresh coconut water; 3) I add shilajit every day to fresh squeezed orange juice and add a tablespoon of spirulina along with cilantro to smoothies; 4) I add turmeric to everything that combines well with it (a plate of tomatoes and a dash of turmeric on top is delish); 5) I try to get my feet on the sand and walk in the sea to ground myself in nature.

I am trying to figure out how to make my own magnesium bicarbonate water from scratch, as well as ordering some of the other items listed above. I will keep you updated here as I learn more.

To protect yourself from harmful radiation and stay healthy, I suggest you choose a few actions from the list above that are easy to incorporate into your daily life. There is a starting point. Once these practices become a habit and are familiar, learn about the other items mentioned, and consider adding those to your routine as well. It is better to do something than not do anything at all because of overwhelm.

Wishing you a healthy life.


I stand on the shoulders of giants.

Everything I’ve shared above is thanks to amazing teachers and mentors from whom I have learned so much. I am especially grateful to Chanda Morse, who provides the most eye-opening and in-depth research and knowledge on Instagram. Check out her story archives @chandashinesagain. I also want to give a huge shout out of thanks to my incredible fasting mentor, Chris of who introduced me to the healing miracles of fasting and guided me on my first distilled water fast. I’m excited to share more of what I learned from Chris in a future post.

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