How To Do A 1-Day Juice Cleanse (And Kick Its Ass) | How To Do A 1-Day Juice Cleanse?

How To Do A 1-Day Juice Cleanse (And Kick Its Ass) | How To Do A 1-Day Juice Cleanse?

Oh, the juice cleanse. Ever heard of it? If you haven’t I assume you’re living under a rock. (Do you need help getting out?) 🙂 

In this podcast episode, you’ll slurp up my best advice for doing an occasional single day only juice party (also known as a 1-day juice cleanse). I’m spilling all I know about having that party feel so good you’ll want to pull an all-nighter. (Like have the 1-day juice cleanse lead into more plant eating the next day.) You know what? Enough analogies. THIS EPISODE IS ABOUT HOW TO DO A 1-DAY JUICE CLEANSE (LIKE IT AIN’T NO THANG).



Before I give you best tips and tricks for a 1-day juice cleanse, I figure it’d be helpful to explain WHY people (like myself) actually DO a 1-day juice cleanse.

Well, in my opinion, a 1-day juice cleanse is a mental health day for your body.

Just like your mind sometimes need a break from the stress of work, your body sometimes needs a break from the stress of digesting. This is not a joke. This isn’t even a far-fetched analogy. Our bodies work SO. DAMN. HARD. to digest our food. In fact, digestion takes HALF of our bodies’ energy. That’s a LOT. (Especially when you think that the other half of our energy is all used to exercise, argue, laugh, cook dinner, drive to the grocery store, shower, travel, etc. etc. etc.)

Unlike food, juices don’t need to be digested. Since a juice us just a fruit or veggie’s nutrients in liquid form, when you drink a juice, those nutrients just shoot right into your body without any digestive effort. It’s AMAZING! Plus, because the juices are raw, they contain live enzymes within them that basically digests them for us. So our digestive systems can just kick back and chillax while these juices digest in us on their own.

Really, what this means it that when you give your body a rest from digesting for a day, you give it the opportunity to get going on some other activities that it put on the back burner while you were stuffing it with hard to digest foods and it didn’t have energy left to finish its to-do list. Activities like:

  • Your skin needs to be cleaned up.
  • Your immune system is being boosted.
  • reducing bloating
  • Increasing the amount of energy that you have.
  • Your mental clarity is being improved.
  • Giving you sound sleep.
  • Reducing inflammation is a way to reduce inflammation.
  • releasing toxins
  • Helping you lose some weight.
  • Proper digestion and other tummy problems can be restored.

So another reason to do a 1-day juice cleanse is to replenish your body with a ton of nutrients that its been lacking with your regular day-to-day diet.

I believe you, I mean. You try to eat healthy. When you go strong on a kale kick, you run out and have to make an emergency frozen dinner in your freezer. Your best friend just needs a partner in crime, you don’t mean to get fro-yo. This week was an exception because you don’t drink three nights in a row. I am aware of it. It is alright.

All the more reason to treat yourself, (really, your cells) to a day filled with nothing but vitamins and minerals. And to remind yourself, your body and your taste buds that real, plant-based, whole foods should always take precedence and make up the bulk of your diet.


The problem is, that we, this Beyonce-worshipping, ice-bucket dumping, reality TV-obsessed society have such emotional attachments to food. It’s there for us when we’re happy, when we’re sad, or when we’re bored and lonely. It always knows how to provide the taste and texture we need, JUST when we need it (or can go buy it). So giving food the boot for a day really isn’t all that easy. Emotional stuff comes up. Cravings kick in. And although you can continuously rationalize with yourself that you’re doing something great for your body and that it’s worth it in the long run, you’re still going to be a cranky bi-otch. Trust me.

So here are my best tips and tricks for getting through that 1-day juice cleanse. I mean, not even just “get through it,” these tricks’ll help you KICK ITS ASS.

1.) Drink your juice through straws!

What makes a drink more fun than STRAWS? (Party cups help too.) I highly recommend drinking your juice through a straw as a.) it makes the experience more fun and festive and b.) it helps you get the liquid in faster (if you’re having a hard time getting it all down….)

2.) Plan a “personal day.”

You really want your 1-day juice cleanse day to be a day where you can be as grumpy, selfish, emotional and sluggish as you need to be. This means, you don’t want your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, family or co-workers getting up in your grill (trust me – it’s better for them, too). Try your best to schedule your cleanse on a personal day – away from work, away from social engagements and away from romantic endeavors (not counting reruns of The Bachelorette).

3.) Use a timer.

This one’s a big one. It’s important, while on a juice cleanse, to be drinking your drinks every 2.5 to 3 hours. But honestly, that’s not so easy to do. Sometimes you’ll forget and other times you’ll finish a juice and want one more a second later. The best solution: set a timer on your phone for 2.5 hours after finishing a juice, so you can control when you drink your next one.

4.) Don’t chug – sip slowly.

It’s easy to drink your juice like you’d drink an iced tea or a bottle of water: FAST. But this is a MEAL for you today. So treat it like one. Have a sip, “chew it” (aka slosh it around in your mouth), take a few breaths, and then go in for another “bite.” It’ll be easier on your digestion and on your food-craving mind.

5.) Drink LOTS of water!

You want your day to be filled with pee pee pee pee pee (another great reason to make this day a personal day). Literally go out, buy a gallon of water for $1 and make it a PRIORITY to drink that baby throughout the day. Like the whole gallon. Done-zo by bedtime. You’re flooding your body with nutrients that’ll detoxifying your insides from the crap that it’s been holding onto. Those toxins will get loosened up by the juices but just sit inside you causing you gas and bloating and misery if you don’t flush them out. SO DRINK WATER TO FLUSH THEM OUT!

6.) Don’t look at food porn.

It’ll be temping as hell. I promise you. All you’ll wanna do is hit up minimalist baker’s Instagram and cry because you want to eat everything right now. But don’t do that. It makes things worse. It’s like Facebook stalking your ex. Not productive. And not fun. NO FOOD PORN. (Yes, cookbooks count too.)

7.) Don’t go to Lush. (Or any body product store.)

My all-time favorite body product store is Lush (haven’t been? check it out). They hand-make all their incredible hair and body products from purely real ingredients like HONEY and COCONUT. I made the mistake of walking into Lush (after an hour of food porn-ing) and almost ate everything in the store. Avoid it if you can. Or enter at your own risk.

8.) Don’t get carried away. And then transition back in a smart way.

The day will most likely suck, but once you wake up the next morning as light as a feather with your gut squeaky clean, you’ll truly feel INCREDIBLE. So incredible, in fact, that you might want to do another day. Honestly, go for it. If you’re really reaping benefits, awake with energy, feeling positive, craving juice, no harm in going another day. I’d cap it at 3 days, just so you don’t get hooked and spiral the other direction once you start adding food back in. (Like I did.)

But after a cleanse, you can still reap the benefits by starting your day with a juice, following it with a big raw salad and snacking on raw fruit and veggies. Raw fruits and veggies are the next closest thing to your juice, so when you transition back into food, do it through raw foods, then cooked fruits and veggies, then nuts and seeds, then a little bit of cooked grains, and finally – the harder to digest things like animal products and beans.

9.) Use your juice cleanse as a way to turn down creepy dudes.

While on my juice cleanse, I was standing outside of my apartment and taking selfies with my phone, and I almost ate everything at Lush. A man started a conversation with me, asking me for directions, then asked me if I wanted to have a drink with him at the bar I live above, and then asked if I wanted to go out. On this juice cleanse day, I had the luxury of holding up the juice I was sipping on and saying, “can’t join ya.” Normally, these types of situations would be awkward, but on this juice cleanse day, I had the luxury of holding up the juice I was sipping I am on a juice cleanse. I think that is going to be my new thing.

10.) If you can, BUY your juice cleanse.

Honestly, nothing makes a juice cleanse easier than just buying it from a juice bar. Yes, it’ll be a little bit more expensive (though not even THAT much if you take into account all the organic produce you’ll need to buy), but it’ll be so much more pleasant. You’ll literally just grab a juice from your fridge and drink. No mess to clean up, no spills, no pulp to figure out what to do with, just a bottle that you can reuse later.

PLUS, the juicers that these juice bars are using are significantly better than the juicer that you might have a home. Long story short – the “cold-pressed juices” you see bottled at many juice bars are literally made by PRESSING the fruits and veggies so hard that the juice just gets SQUEEZED out of them and into your drink. The juicer you have is made by spinning the fruits and veggies really really fast to spin the juice into your cup. This fast-spinning process actually heats up the juice which kills some of the precious heat-sensitive enzymes, which means that you’re not getting AS MANY nutrients as the cold-pressed juices provide.

That said, obviously juicing at home can be enjoyable, exciting and is still SO FLIPPING GOOD FOR YOU, so if you’d prefer (or can only) juice at home, DO IT!


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