How To Get Rid Of My Back Acne Using A Beetroot Detox | How To Use Beetroots For Detox?

How To Get Rid Of My Back Acne Using A Beetroot Detox | How To Use Beetroots For Detox?

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I was a pimpled teenager growing up, and I had a terrible back full of acne scars. Ashamed by those scars, I always made sure to cover up whenever I was going out. I’ve tried many products that claimed to lighten scars, and for a period of time I even resorted to using my facial wash for my back. But as you guessed it, none of them worked. Yet, who knew my cure would come in the form of a peculiar looking little root vegetable known as beetroot.

What are beetroots good for
Beetroots have a long history of being beneficial to our health. They were often used externally as well as for consumption. This vegetable is known to have anticarcinogenic properties, rich in iron and especially good for those who are anemic; taken on a daily basis will control your blood pressure and lower your risks of heart diseases. It also contains sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and C. The best part of beetroot is that it is low in calories and has no fats, so people who are particular of calories will be able to take this on a daily basis.

Effects of beetroots on skin
Beetroots are anti-inflammatory and can be used to detoxify the liver to stimulate liver cells. This in turns help improve kidneys and bladder functions as well. When most of the toxins in your body are detoxified, it generally improves your skin and its overall appearance. Another function of beetroots is the increase in efficiency of oxygen intake by your red blood cells, improving your overall stamina and making you less fatigue. With all these benefits, your skin will benefit due to the ripple effect of the benefits it has on your body.

Ways to use beetroots for detox
The way I used beetroots was quite extreme, and that’s why I call it a detox. I would use an uncooked, medium sized one and make it into a juice using my blender and drink it first thing in the morning. I did that for two weeks, five times a week. It was around the second week that I noticed the scars on my back were gone. It wasn’t lesser or lighter, it was simply gone! I stopped taking beetroots after I found that my bowels started to get too watery, almost diarrhea-like. However, for those who have or had kidney stones, or any issues with the liver, it is advisable to get the opinions of your doctor to see if you are suitable to consume beetroots this regularly.

Impressive results
The only drawback about this detox was that my stools towards the end were diarrhea-like and so I wouldn’t recommend having this detox for too long. In fact, if your stools are watery before the two-week mark and you don’t think it’s normal, just stop. Apart from that, I was seriously very impressed with the results I got on my back and I intend to continue with this beetroot juice detox again in another one to two months’ time. Too bad I had no idea beetroots would have this fantastic effect or I would have taken a before and after photo of my back to show all of you.

(Pictures sourced from Flickr: top & bottom.)

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