How To Pass A Drug Test With Jello And Water | How To Pass A Drug Test With Jello And Water?

How To Pass A Drug Test With Jello And Water | How To Pass A Drug Test With Jello And Water?

How to pass a drug test with jello and water in 2021

Just about every person that enjoys using cannabis regularly has had at least one drug test scare. Hopefully, it didn’t completely destroy their future, but sadly this scenario does happen. Even though recreational marijuana is legal in almost 50% of US states, a positive drug test for cannabis can prevent you from getting a job, getting fired, or even sending you to jail.

Find yourself in a situation where you need to undergo a drug test can be terrifying, especially if your job or freedom is on the line. While there are dozens of home remedies online, they have traditionally been unreliable. However, we’ve recently come across a new method getting incredible results and has a plausible mechanism of flushing the THC from your system.

Drug tests administered by a new employer, a probation/parole officer, or your parents are most commonly issued as urinalysis. Unfortunately, weed can stay in the system for thirty days, making passing a drug test on short notice basically impossible. In this post, we will go over:

What is the substance known as cannabinoids?

The cannabinoids in the plant are referred to as the “THC metabolites.”

There are a lot of ways to avoid detection.

Jello and water can be used to beat a drug test.


There is no method that is 100 percent. The metabolism and body of everyone are different. If you can, we recommend you get a 5 panel drug test at home to make sure you have clean urine. Most grocery and drug stores carry tests for $10-$20.

drug test


What is THC?

The compound found in Cannabis sativa is referred to as the “psychoactive compound”, or “Thc”. The active ingredient in marijuana is known as ‘pot.’ For those not aware, the active ingredient in marijuana is known as ‘thc.’ The cannabis plant has over 100 chemical compounds that make up the cannabis plant. Cannabinoids are found in the flowers and can be used for a variety of purposes.


Is Cannabis Safe?

Smoking pot is not as harmful as smoking tobacco, according to some experts. If you smoke marijuana in moderation, it may not have the same cancer-causing effects that tobacco does. We do not have the data to be certain. Scientists do not know the long-term effects of smoking marijuana. The weed that is being produced today is more potent than the weed that was smoked during the hippie era. It is safe to say that a lifelong smoker wasn’t exposed to the same pot available today, and the comparison isn’t exactly apples to apples.

Researchers don’t understand the relationship between brain cells and cannabinoids. We can’t rule out the possibility that the drug kills brain cells, even though we don’t have any hard evidence.


Is THC Illegal?

In the majority of the world, cannabis is still illegal. Marijuana is legal in many countries, but not in the US and Canada. Weed can be purchased in a store, but it’s still grounds to get fired from your job, even though it was considered an essential business during the COVID-19 lockdowns.


How Do Urine Analysis Work?

You have to pee in a cup when you take a urine analysis test. A variety of drugs are tested at the lab after the test is sent. The majority of employer UAs are 12 panel, meaning they test for 12 different controlled substances.

In the case of a UA for THC, the drug test will screen for THC metabolites, not the actual cannabinoid. THC is only present in the body for a few days (depending on the person), but it takes up to 45 days to fully process the compound.

After the effects of the drug wear off, there are different types of cannabinoids present in the body. Most tests screen for the metabolite of the drug when it remains in a test subject’s urine for a long period.

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How Long Does THC-COOH Last?

You can stay in your system for over a month. The amount of time is dependent on a number of factors.

Potency is the concentration of cannabinoids in the cannabis plant.

There is a Frequency of cannabis use.

The individual metabolism.


Ways to Beat a Drug Test for THC

Before we discuss how to pass a drug test with Jello and water, let’s look at some other methods. Many home remedies are nonsense, but you may not have to do much to remove the drug from your urine sample, depending on your situation.


Stop Smoking

Simple right?

If you stop smoking weed for a month, your body will naturally process the cannabinoids, leaving you with free urine. The problem is that most people don’t have the option of postponing the drug test if they are searching for “how to pass a drug test”.

no smoking


The amount of water you drink should be excessive.

Drink tons of water in the days leading up to the test. Not just water, drink as many fluids as you can. Stuff yourself silly with green tea and cranberry juice. These act as natural diuretics, promoting urination. Ultimately, the bottom line is – the more you pee, the more THC leaves your system.

The method will work if you pee a lot, but if you don’t, your urine sample will give you a clue as to what’s going on. Drug testing companies have seen every trick in the book, they know this is a common method, and fully transparent urine is a sign that something is up.

drink water


Sweat it Out

Exercise, exercise, exercising! Exercising helps your body eliminate traces of marijuana naturally, and it speeds up your metabolism. As you perspire, a certain amount of marijuana gets washed out of your body. This helps to decrease the levels of the metabolite.



The test results should be changed.

Some people also say that diluting your urine can provide an answer to all your worries. However, this must be done with caution since over dilution of urine can cause the other parameters like creatinine to show up abnormally low. If this happens, the test will be declared inconclusive, and you will need to repeat the test.

If you want to pass the drug test without the tester knowing about the dilution, you should have it done. Ensure that the urine doesn’t look like water. If you are a moderate smoker and have at least a week before the test, we recommend you use this method.


You can take a drink or cleanse kit.

Products that promise to flush your system can be dangerous. They are not guaranteed to work for everyone. They range in how they flush the drug out of your system. Some drinks operate the same way as diuretics like cranberry juice by promoting frequent trips to the bathroom, while others add vitamins to the sample to make it look like it’s been tested.

If you want to speed up the metabolism, you can take herbal supplements that help remove toxins from your fat cells. The methods will leave evidence that the results were influenced, such as lowering the density of the urine. The urine sample can be affected by the kidneys being flushed out. If you get your test thrown out, you will have to take another one.

Before you put your faith in a product, be aware of how it removes cannabinoids from it.


Pass a Urine Drug Test Using Sure-Jell and Water

It is not easy to tell how many of the anecdotal accounts would have passed the test if they had used a combination of methods.

This method to pass a drug test shows promise, many potheads will guarantee results, but we all know that nothing is 100%.

Simply using readily available products can be used to remove the THC from your urine. Fruit Pectin is the most common product used for this. Many pot smokers swear that they can get you to pass the drug test with flying colors by using gelatin.

It’s simple to understand how fruit or gelatin works. It can cause a high amount of the drug to be dissolved into itself. When you defecate, it doesn’t show up in urine, and a good amount of cannabinoids are eliminated from your body, with no one knowing. It is important to take extreme caution when consuming a substance. Consumption that is excessive can cause upsets in the stomach and make you vomit.

drug test results


What You Need

There are two packs of certo sure jell available at your local grocery store.

There are two sports drinks. It will work with liquid IV or Gatorade.

At GNC or other supplement/vitamin shop, you can find conjugate monohydrate.

There is a multi-vitamin.


How Does It Work?

Your fat cells are affected by the cannabinoids in fruit pectin. You will have a clean sample the day of your test if you use the combination of Certo sure jell fruit pectin and water. The test is flagged after administering the sample because of the elevated levels of lytes from the sports drink.


How to Remove Drug Toxins from Your Body with Certo Sure-Jell

If you only have a few hours to operate, you should eat a packet of jell, drink a 32oz electrolyte drink, and get 32oz of water an hour before the test.

If you have a little more time on your hands, follow the instructions below for the best results.

You should drink as much water as you can in the days leading up to the test. We take care of the electrolytes, vitamins, and creatine part of your sample, so don’t worry about it.

The night before the test, mix one pack of jell with your first 32oz of prostate and drink it before going to bed.

On the day of the test, drink as much water as you can.

The second pack of Certo should be Take a serving of the mixture along with a serving of the supplements. It’s a good idea to drink your mix at least an hour before the test.

In theory, you will be able to excrete urine for 3 hours.

There is a purpose for each part of this method. While the certo removes the THC from your body, it’s not the only thing that’s important in the grand scheme of things. One of the most important steps to this home remedy is left out by most people who fail a drug test.


Finally, a Home Detox System that Works!

The best home remedy we have seen online is the fruit pectin. Many desperate cannabis users have used Jello and water to flush their systems.

You can’t test it, that’s the downside to this method. You could take a home test after drinking your second packet of fruit, but it is too late to explore any options if you fail the test.

A surprise drug test is a nightmare situation for a regular user as the world slowly accepts cannabis use. Progress is slow but hopefully we will reach a point where the treatment of THC is more reasonable.

The USADA underwent public scrutiny after banning track star Sha’Carri Richardson after he tested positive for marijuana. Amazon and the NBA have stopped testing for cannabinoids. It’s nice to see the tides turning, even though we know that it doesn’t help to remove the THC-COOH from your urine.

We’ve heard from numerous people that have had success with all the methods mentioned, however, none are scientifically proven to work. These are simply some of the commonly tried and tested, and in many cases, successful, ways to pass that devious dastardly drug test.

how to pass drug test with jello and water

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