How To Pass A Urine Drug Test For Weed? | How To Pass A Urine Drug Test?

How To Pass A Urine Drug Test For Weed? | How To Pass A Urine Drug Test?

Many marijuana users turn to a variety of methods or/and products looking for guaranteed ways to pass a pee test. A urine drug test simply involves screening a urine sample for traces of drugs. These tests are given in cases of employment, through the legal system, rehabilitation programs and in some other cases such as sports. Urine drug tests or UDS’ usually come in the form of immunoassay tests which are quick and relatively cheap. This type of test makes use of antibodies in order to detect a range of substances from a urine sample. Another, a less common urine test is that of a GC/MS test which is more expensive but has greater reliability and can usually detect a wider span of drugs. It is important to know that using methods/products to pass a urine drug test could be illegal depending on where you live. This includes U.S. states such as Maryland and South Carolina. Be sure to research any laws regarding the utilization of a method/product for passing a drug test in your area before embarking on such an effort.

Detection Window

If you are figuring out how to pass up, you need to consider the detection window of the relevant substance ahead of a pee drug test. The detection time window depends on the drug, frequency of use, the body mass of the individual and is dependent on other factors such as when the user last took said drug. While drugs such as LSD and alcohol are likely to remain detectable for about 3-5 days, cannabis can still be detected through a urine drug test for several weeks. This is usually the case however if you are a regular to heavy smoker. If you rarely use weed or do so only on a moderate basis, you can expect cannabis to remain detectable in your urine for up to a week. A one-time smoker, for example, will likely only need to wait 3 days before it is out of their body and urine.

Planning Your Detox

How to clean up a piss test? If you want to pass a piss test, you need to plan ahead and make sure you have the right equipment. If you are a cannabis smoker, it will be difficult to remove the toxins from your urine before your drug test. Marijuana will remain in your urine for anywhere from 3 to 30 days but fortunately there are methods and products out there which are designed or can be employed for detoxing your body from a moderate pace too rapid, same-day cleansing. Natural means or commercial products can be used to remove toxins from your body.


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Toxin Rid

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Natural drug detox can be achieved through urine dilution without the use of additional products. Dilution involves consuming large quantities of water and urinating often in an effort to flush your body of toxins. However, it is very important to note that you should avoid taking too much of any liquid (this includes water) as this can lead to serious health problems such as water intoxication. For example, men should take no more than 3.7 liters of water a day and women, no more than 2.7. It’s important to do your research on any method/product you are using when striving to detox your body. Also notable is that a lot of weed users do avail of detox products when using dilution. Avoiding high-fat foods and consumer products such as lemons, oranges, seeds, and nuts as well as oils including coconut oil are often promoted as effective ways to achieve a natural detox. Further information can be found at Palmer Lake Recovery.

There are quite a few pill courses that are popular when it comes to detoxify products. These products come with a specific list of instructions regarding how many pills to take per day, for how many days, and can sometimes come with additional steps such as consuming extra products. In the weed world, there are also drinks that are called “detox drinks”. Some use natural drinks such as cranberry juice, while others use products such as Rescue cleanse. If you have a test tomorrow, you will need to cleanse the following day. If your test is in 3, 5 or 7 days, you can take the several day courses provided by Toxin Rid. Specific products will be explored in more detail later in the article. It is relevant to consider how much weight you are. The more body fat a person has the harder it will be to remove toxins from their body. How often you smoke has a significant impact on how effective each method will be for you in attempting to cheat a urine drug test. You should factor in your budget as well. The cost of products such as Toxin Rid is quite high while the cost of products such as Certo Sure Jell is relatively inexpensive.

How Do Detoxification And Detox Remedies Work?

Detoxification of the body is achieved by removing toxins from your system either naturally or otherwise. The body achieves its own natural detox as toxins including those from alcohol and other drugs are excreted through an individual’s urine. Detox methods and remedies are therefore essentially just a way to speed up the body’s natural detoxification process. Employing methods such as urine dilution achieve faster detoxing by increasing urination and therefore more toxins are removed in a given time period than would occur otherwise. Using detox products can support detoxification thanks to their specialized set of ingredients. Such ingredients are generally chosen to maximize the speed and efficiency of detoxification. Needless to say, how effective each product varies markedly. Other detox methods are applied to pass different types of drug tests such as mouthwashes for saliva tests and hair products for hair follicle tests but effectively detoxing the body for a urine test specifically is accomplished by more rapidly and successfully eliminating toxins from your system, largely through urination.

How to Pass a Urine Drug Test Naturally

If you want to pass a urine drug test, you can use a drink like Mega Clean Detoxify.

Home remedies are a popular approach to passing a urine drug test. However, do home remedies actually work? No detox method, whether natural or with the use of commercial products is 100% effective, however, some methods appear to have worked for a majority of people based on online customer ratings and reviews that can be found on reliable websites. Common home remedies used in an effort to pass a urine drug test include; The Baking Soda method, Green Tea, Niacin and more notably, the Certo Sure Jell method. Please be conscious of any ingredients that you may be allergic to if undertaking any of these methods and follow the instructions correctly as taken from a reliable website. The Certo Sure Jell Method appears to work at least half of the time. A key element to this method is dilution which involves drinking plenty of water.

Fruit Pectin

Premium Liquid Fruit Pectin is a product made from home-made ingredients and is intended to be used as an assist gel and as a control of acidity. This product is used by weed users to pass a urine drug test and is not promoted as a “detox product” to pass urine drug tests. Many people use these products for this reason, and often with success. Fruit Pectin is a product that can be used to remove all toxins from your system, even if they have come from alcohol, cannabis, or any other food.

Additional Aspects

B vitamins can be used with a dilution regimen to help those trying to cleanse themselves. B-2 and B-12 are vitamins that can be used to aid in the detoxification process. vitamins can be taken separately to a product as part of a natural detoxification regimen, but many products include vitamins as part of their ingredients. It is relatively common to use diuretics. The production of more urine is caused by the use of diuretics. Midol is an example of a diuretic that is used to cleanse the body before a urine drug test. It is important that you consider how taking different ingredients during a given time period may affect you and whether it is safe or healthy to do so, if you are adding any additional elements to your plan.

It is possible to take aspirin several hours prior to your test. It is not clear if aspirin will help you pass a urine drug test. Exercise is one of the safer and more recommended ways to get rid of toxins. The health benefits of exercise can be endless and in regards to detoxing the body, it helps to excrete toxins through sweat and it can flush toxins from your lungs and improves blood flow throughout the body which in turn helps your organs cleanse out toxins. Saunas are a less taxing way to achieve the same results, mainly through sweating.


Zinc is a great mineral to use when you want to improve your health. Zinc helps to remove free radicals and heavy metals from your system and also helps to flush toxins out of the body in general. Studies show the presence of zinc sulfate will decrease the sensitivity of urine drug screens, which could make it easier for you to pass a drug test.

Weed Detox Drinks: Dilution

Cranberry juice and cranberry supplements can be used as part of a natural detoxification effort. It is recommended from reliable websites such as ‘Royal Queen’. Cranberry supplements are also very popular. If you are looking for a natural detox remedy, consider this approach along with consuming large quantities of water as well as a range of B-vitamins, electrolytes, and creatine. Coffee is also a popular natural weeddetox drink. Lemon juice is an example of a drink made from nature that can be used to rid yourself of weed. The effectiveness of these drinks is not ideal and the top commercial products are going to give you the best chance of passing a urinary drug test with the exception of Fruit Pectin which can be made at home. The best drink for getting rid of marijuana is probably a fruit psyllid drink. There are mostly positive reviews and feedback on the internet for The Fail-Safe Kit from NutraCleanse.


The internet is filled with myths that can often lead people to waste their time and money in an attempt to pass a drug test. There is a myth that you must be outside in order to effectively cleanse. This is not true at all. Getting out is good for your mental well-being but as far as detoxing goes, any approach you can take can occur inside whether that be exercise, taking a commercial product or making use of a natural remedy. It’s a myth that you can get rid of most of your health problems in a few days. While a fast and even a same-day cleanse of toxins from your body is possible and with some products, arguably quite probable, detoxing is not a quick solution to unhealthy living and the best way to improve your overall physical well-being is by changing your diet and habits. It is important that you have the right knowledge in order to distinguish between reason and myth. When it comes to internet claims, having a critical mind is the best way to tell what is real and what is fake. It is recommended that you find sources that are reliable.

Other Methods:

There is more information on the additional methods on our website.


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Powdered Human Urine

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The Urinator

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Q: Is it Legal to Cheat a Urine Drug Test?
A: It depends on where you live. It is illegal to use a detox method or/and product to cheat a drug test in the U.S. states of Arkansas, Illinois, Maryland, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Virginia. Be sure to research any laws in your area, whether in the U.S. or elsewhere, regarding attempts to pass urine drug tests through detoxification.

Q: Does Detoxing Work For Alcohol?
A: Yes. Detoxing can work for all drugs including alcohol.

Q: Are Detox Products/Remedies Detectable?
A: It really depends on the remedy or product you are using. Some may lead to noticeably unusual electrolyte levels for example. While efforts to counterbalance any loss of electrolytes from a given product/remedy is possible, if unnatural levels of electrolytes are detected, you may have to take the test again. Many detox products/remedies involve natural ingredients however and you can expect such efforts to be undetectable.

Tips For Detoxing:

  1. The best way to pass a urine drug test is by finding the right method and product.
  2. Understand how the ingredients of a product affect you.
  3. Do not overdo it.
  4. Don’t consume too much water or liquid for that matter.
  5. Do not use more than one method at a time without first researching whether or not it is safe to do so.

Same-Day Cleansing

If you are searching for ways to pass a drug test in 24 hours of home remedies, you can pass a urine drug test in 24 hours naturally especially if you are a light to a moderate smoker. However heavy smokers may be reliant on products such as Toxin Rid’s one day detox course. NutraCleanse Clean Shot is another product that can be used for rapid cleanse. Pass Your Test is a great resource for further information on same-day cleansing.

Additional Information:

Beyond home remedies to pass a urine drug test, some weed users purchase synthetic urine as a way to pass a urinary drug test. This is possible because urine drug tests are not usually supervised once an individual is inside a toilet cubicle. If by any unlikely chance, you are taking a supervised urine drug test then using fake urine is almost certainly out of the question but such occurrences are rare. TestClear is a popular website where you can purchase synthetic urine. In order to use such products, you should keep the fake urine at the right temperature and on the day of the test, make it to the toilet with the product without being caught before adding it to your sample. Sneaking in fake urine into a facility is the difficult part however and once more, you need to consider any potential legal ramifications that could exist if you are caught cheating on a urine drug test. If you use a detox remedy or product however, it is generally unlikely you will be caught and at worst, you may be asked to take the test again.

List of Best Detox Products:

Toxin Rid:

Toxin Rid while a bit expensive, but has overwhelmingly positive reviews online. It is one of the very best products on the market for detoxing and can be used for a urine or saliva drug test. Overall, this product is a safe, popular and natural product to consider for passing a urinary drug test. Toxin Rid does not contain the levels of creatine and not all b-vitamins needed for dilution, so these may need to be taken separately on the day of the test.


  • It can be used in a range of different courses.
  • The body of toxins from drugs and alcohol are eliminated.
  • Light, moderate and heavy weed users will find it useful.
  • Involves consuming large quantities of water. Risks the possibility of water intoxication.
  • There are some possible side-effects, including the possibility of diarrhea.
  • It is expensive

Certo Sure Jell Premium Liquid Fruit Pectin

The approach to passing a urine drug test seems to be improved by the use of the Certo Sure Jell method and the product from the company. It doesn’t have a guarantee and how often you consume weed and how much you smoke will likely be significant factors in whether or not this product will work for you. This product is recommended by a range of reliable sources and does not have many negative reviews on the internet.


  • It seems to be safe with few negative side-effects.
  • Relatively cheap
  • Since the product itself is not advertised as a detox product for drugs such as marijuana and alcohol, it is likely to be a real review.
  • Purchase additional ingredients, including b-vitamins and sports drinks.
  • It can easily lead to a disease.
  • It only has a short-term effect.

Stinger Detox

It’s a popular drink for getting rid of toxins. Their products were among the first to hit the market and date back to the mid 1990s.


  • It is easy to purchase and affordable.
  • Significantly cheaper than other products.
  • Once the instructions are followed, it is an effective detoxifier.
  • It may not be as simple as using products such as Certo Sure Jell.
  • Will only work if you follow the instructions closely and go about it the right way.
  • It lasts for just five hours in most cases.


If you want to pass a drug screen, you need to know which method is ideal for you and which method is not. There is no guarantee that any approach will work 100% of the time, but you want to give yourself the best chance, methods and products do exist which seem to work the majority of the time for users who use such approaches with the Certo Sure Jell method and products such as Toxin Rid


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