How to Style Summer Hair Like a Pro

How to Style Summer Hair Like a Pro

This is the best seller for us. You’ll love the way you look in this classic 100% pre-shrunk cotton, it’s relaxed, tailored and ultra-comfortable. It’s casual enough to wear for running, hiking, and hanging out with friends and it’s also personalized for Mothers day and Father’s day.

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As evidenced in a 1977 clip of Nicks getting ready with her best friend, Robin, she always took her dirty blonde waves into her own hands backstage, and sometimes blithely twisting them, whichever way the wind blew. The queen of bohemia, her fanned-out fringe and lived-in waves, were just as sexy as her capes and low. Nicks’s long, tousled hair makes the case for a wash-and-go shag cut, but also for embracing frizz with help from a fine-toothed comb. The Stevie Nicks way is one of the ways to take laissez-faire lengths to the next level.

For days I want to look like I have makeup on and still be protected from the sun buy oolong tea, Dr.Jart’s Cica Pair products are the ideal option. A few drops of this green goodness will make your face look even and glowy, without being heavy or tinted, and I like to wear it in lieu of foundation at night. I like to apply a high SPF before I leave my house in the summer to make sure I am fully covered from the sun. Summer hair in the 70s was different than it is today. Rock musicians and showgoers were letting their manes run wild. Stevie Nicks was at the forefront of the devil-may-care hair attitude. There was no such thing as a bad hair day for the front woman.

It was the culmination of all of our dreams when we were kids. She collaborated with Jack Borkett on a fashion story that captures the spirit of today’s model. Their lineup? In this exclusive conversation, the duo share the inspiration behind their approach and the hard work that goes into making it all look easy. I drink a Pu’erh tea from Postcard Teas and listen to an album called “Tea Notes” by Jatinder Singh Durhailay. I have two tea magazines on my left and two books on my right, with titles ranging from Pret-a-Portea: High-fashion bakes and biscuits to Tea Stories: Japan. I traveled to London with the goal of drinking as much tea as possible, both as inspiration for my own tea company, and also to experience one of the world’s great tea cities.

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