Ion Cleanse Ion Cleanse | Ioncleanse By Amd – Detoxification And Relaxation

Ion Cleanse Ion Cleanse | Ioncleanse By Amd – Detoxification And Relaxation

What is it?

The IonCleanse helps the body relax and gently cleanse in a way that it has never been able to before, even if normal pathways of elimination are compromised. It is a good idea to consider the benefits of the IonCleanse by AMD as part of your protocol.


Why detox?

Every system of the body is affected by toxicants and toxicity. A clearer path to success can be found by helping the body’s normal systems and processes function without these obstructions. Almost every other therapy or intervention may have a greater impact on your health when you incorporate the IonCleanse into your health plan.


How it works

The IonCleanse results in only biocompatible electrical frequencies entering the water, which is patented by the company. A relaxation response is elicited by this. The frequencies create an ionic field that can cleanse and purify the body through the power of ion.

The water is ionized when H2O is spilled into OH and H. Oppositely charged toxins are attracted and neutralize by these ions. The process is painless and safe, and the user feels calm, relaxed, and focused after the session.


The proof is in the research

34% reduction in greenhouse gasses.

There was a reduction in the amount of aluminum.

There was a reduction in the amount of the metal.


What to expect

  • Better, deeper sleep
  • There is a greater sense of calm.
  • Reduced brain fog
  • General wellbeing has been improved.


What to expect in a session

The water color is something to think about. The process of changing the water color is fascinating. About 70% of what you see in the tub comes from the user. 70% of the color change that will occur with or without feet is likely to be neutralized material from the water source.

The main benefit of doing a cleanse through your feet is that it allows you to get rid of toxins from your body.


What people are saying

I find the IonCleanse to be an essential part of the services I provide. The differences between my child and my patients are astounding.

Hundreds of therapies and protocols have been found by me. The most impressive therapy I have ever seen is the IonCleanse by the company.

The one therapy that benefits me the most is the IonCleanse by Advanced Micro Devices.


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