Lemonkind Lemon Cleanse 3 Day Juice Cleanse | Lemonkind Juice Cleanse – Is It Worth It?

Lemonkind Lemon Cleanse 3 Day Juice Cleanse | Lemonkind Juice Cleanse – Is It Worth It?

Ok, let’s talk juice cleanses. Do they work? Is it worth it? Despite recent trends, it’s not just for yoga lovers and vegans. Vince and I recently did a 3-day juice cleanse with LemonKind, a woman-owned (woot woot!) company offering 100% natural juices, and have lived through it to tell the tale. Read below!

Why We Chose to Juice Cleanse

There are many reasons to do a juice cleanse, whether one day or three. We wanted to reset our stomachs so that we could start eating healthy foods afterwards. Talk about the process of withdrawing. I only did a juice cleanse once in my life and it was rusty. I like to eat junk food and foods that I like to eat for taste.

Why We Chose LemonKind Juices

Why did we choose LemonKind for our juice cleanse? Honestly, we looked to see what juice cleanses were recommended and had great reviews on Amazon. We didn’t want to deal with going to a storefront every morning to pick them up, but rather have all of the 3-day supply shipped at once in bulk. LemonKind offered their 3-day Super Detox Me® juice cleanse on Amazon and had great reviews from fellow juicers. We were sold! The 3-day contains 8 juices per box, per day, and all three boxes are shipped together.

3-Day Juice Cleanse Tips

Choose Your Days Carefully

The days you choose to do your juice cleanse are very important. If you have a happy hour with your friends two out of the three days, it may not be the best time to cleanse as there will be a lot of food temptation. Vince and I decided to do it during the work week when we are most busy, to keep us busy and moving.

Track the Scale

If you want to keep track of your progress, it is a good idea to keep your weight and inches in a notebook or phone. I used the Notes app on my phone to do this. You can see how much has changed during the three days.

Follow the Schedule

You will be given a schedule by LemonKind and other juicing companies. Follow it on social media. The cleanse was intended to be done in this way. Every two hours, LemonKind gives a schedule for their Super Detox Me® juice cleanse. They let you know which juice to drink.

Find a Buddy

It’s easier to keep yourself accountable if you have someone with you who lives with you. The only reason I was able to complete the three days was because I did the juice cleanse with a couple.

My LemonKind Juice Cleanse Experience

Day 1

It was the hardest day of my life, hands down. Working from home kept me busy, but my stomach was full of food, I was going to the bathroom a lot, and I only wanted a pizza. I stayed faithful to the cleanse and by the end of the day I didn’t even have food. The best juice of the day is Renewal at 9pm.

Day 2

The second day was a real test of dedication. I felt the most food withdrawal symptoms when I was really cold and had a headaches. The coldness is normal during a cleanse, however the headaches are not. I had half a bowl of split pea soup to get something in my belly, but I cheated a little on this day. It was needed and there were no regrets. A little substance made me feel better and I was able to focus on the rest of the juices.

Day 3

Whoo hoo day three! I woke up early without an alarm, felt alert and awake, and did not crave food. The juices had gotten to my body and stomach. I was looking forward to having my next one. It shows that it takes more than a single day to cleanse and reset your body. I like healthy foods more than junk food.

The Final Results

We all know that men lose weight much faster than women (whamp whamp), so it was no surprise that Vince loss more weight than I did. However, I did feel like the cleanse reset my body, which was my main goal. Vince lost 13 lbs and I lost 3 lbs over the course of the three days. I also tracked my waist and hip measurements in inches, which stayed the same.

Would I Do It Again?

I don’t like the 3-day cleanse because it’s too much for me, with the greatest respect for those that do it often. I would do a juice cleanse from time to time for a quick cleanse.

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