Liver Problems Connected To Feet | How To Understand Your Feet And How To Get The Most Out Of Your Feet?

Liver Problems Connected To Feet | How To Understand Your Feet And How To Get The Most Out Of Your Feet?

You might be surprised to know that you can get valuable insights into your body through your feet. We are sharing with you 9 signs of a problem with your feet.

Dr. Eric Berg is one of our favorites and he is a fountain of information. You might remember him as the creator of the world’s healthiest bread recipe. The video we are sharing with you today is a real eye-opener.

10 Signs Of A Sick Liver

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Around 80 million Americans alone are affected by fatty liver disease and diabetes is another condition that is evidenced through your feet. Swollen feet and ankles are one such symptom.

In today’s video, Dr. Berg talks about the 9 different things your feet can tell you about the health of your liver. The appearance of the lower leg or foot gives a lot of great information about the overall health of a person.

Foot Facts – Keep Your Feet Healthy

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The heart has to send blood all the way down to the feet and back up through the veins.

Usually, if there is liver damage or a heart problem, there will be a vascular problem, and you can see it on your feet.

9 Signs Of Liver Problems Video Tutorial

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We recommend that you take 5 minutes out of your day to hear the explanation from Dr. Berg.

This will help you to understand your feet better and address any symptoms that may arise. Knowledge is power, remember! To hear Dr. Berg, click above.

9 Things Your Feet Can Tell You About Your Liver

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1, Red and brown dots (usually in the lower leg) – This can mean poor circulation and can also be diabetes.

There are two things. Spider veins or spider nevus could be seen in the body. There is a lot of estrogen in the bile duct.

It is possible that too much estrogen can affect the cardiovascular system.

There are three. This could be a deficiency of vitamins B3 and Omega 3, or both.

There are four. Itching in the bottom of the foot is a sign that there is a backup of fluids in the liver.

There is a build up of histamines and bile backing up.

There are five. There are other possible symptoms of a liver problem, such as hot feet or bad smell. The body can’t remove toxins correctly. The skin is being backed up by it.

There are six. This is fluid backup and it is a symptom of a problem with the liver.

There are seven. There is an increase in the number of fungus growing in the body when there is an issue with the flora in the gut.

There were 8. Poor circulation could be the reason for the white nail bed.

There are nine. There are side effects of medications.

Potential causes of Liver Problems:

High sugar in the diet (High Fructose Corn Syrup)

Too much-cooked food

Not enough veggies in the diet

Excessive alcohol

Excessive protein

Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:

Dr. Berg is a Chiropractor who specializes in healthy ketosis and intermittent fasting.

He is the Director of Dr. Berg’s Nutritionals and is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan. He focuses on health education through social media, but no longer practices.

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