Lymphatic Cleansing: 8 Ways To Clear Lymph Congestion | How To Clear Lymph Congestion?

Lymphatic Cleansing: 8 Ways To Clear Lymph Congestion | How To Clear Lymph Congestion?

Lymphatic, Lymphatic Cleansing: 8 Ways to Clear Lymph CongestionLymphatic Cleansing: 8 Ways to Clear Lymph Congestion

Your immune system is important for protecting you from illness and inflammation. If your lymphatic system is congested, it can’t protect you from infections and disease. It’s important to keep your Lymphatic flow smooth and free from congestion.

In this article, you will learn how your lymph system works, how it can get congested, and how it can become clean. I will show you 8 simple ways to clear your immune system.

Lymphatic, Lymphatic Cleansing: 8 Ways to Clear Lymph Congestion

What is the Lymph System?

Your immune system is essential for protecting you from inflammation and illness, and your lymphatic system is a critical part of it. Keeping your fluid levels in balance is the main role of your Lymph system.

Your lymph system is a network of blood vessels and lymphatics that carry fluids from your body to your blood. Your body’s inner drainage system is what it is called.

Your lymph system is quite similar to your circulatory system which is made up of veins, arteries, and capillaries to carry your blood around. Your lymph vessels are smaller than your veins. They carry around a clear, watery fluid called lymph, as well as protein molecules, glucose, salt, and other substances (1).

Lymphatic, Lymphatic Cleansing: 8 Ways to Clear Lymph Congestion

Lymphatic Circulation

The fluid travels around your body through the lymphatic vessels. The valves are supposed to stop the fluids from moving the wrong direction. Your lymph system includes several organs such as your adenoids, tonsils, and spleen.

Your lymph system is made up of your lysing nodes. They can be found in a number of areas of your body, including your throat, groin, armpits, chest, and abdomen. Your immune cells are created within your lysies, which is why they play a critical role in fighting infections, healing wounds and recovering from illness. They can cause the creation of white blood cells called lymphocytes by recognizing harmful organisms.

When you come in contact with harmful organisms, they can make their way into your body and the lymphatic fluid. Your immune system can attack and destroy the organisms that get trapped when the fluid makes its way into the lysical system. White blood cells are created to protect your body when harmful organisms are removed from the lymph nodes.

Your body fluids are in balance thanks to your lymph system. If your lymph system is healthy and functioning, you won’t experience water retention or painful swelling. The lymph system takes care of fluid build-up and swelling caused by injury or health issues.


How Does It Get Congested

Chronic stress is one of the main causes of most chronic health issues. It can also lead to lymph congestion. When you are under stress, your body creates stress-fighting hormones which result in free radical waste products that can lead to a variety of health problems (2).

Chronic illness may lead to lymph congestion throughout your body. When your body is fighting chronic inflammation and microbes, your body is creating more white blood cells to fight them. However, they may end up filling up your lymph nodes, backing up the system, and creating swelling.

Lymph congestion can be caused by the bicyle’s imbalance. A common reason for lymph congestion is the irritation of the villi in the gut. The Gut Associated Lymphatic Tissues (GALT) are located in the majority of your lymphatic system. Your gut health and the health of the villi are important for your immunity and health.

If you don’t drink enough water and don’t do enough physical activity, your lymph fluid will slow down. Pressure from breathing and muscle movement is needed to move fluids in the lymph system. If you don’t have enough pressure due to a sedentary lifestyle or chronic dehydration, you may have trouble with your Lymph system.

Lymph congestion may be caused by deficiency of vitamins and minerals. In order to protect your body from harmful effects of environmental toxins and to support your immune system, you need the right amount of magnesium, vitamins C and I.

Lymphatic, Lymphatic Cleansing: 8 Ways to Clear Lymph Congestion

Symptoms of Lymphatic Congestion

Lymph congestion can affect your entire body. Symptoms of lymph congestion may include (3):

  • Fatigue

  • Stiffness

  • The muscles and joints are hurting.

  • Bloating

  • Holding onto water

  • During your cycle, breast swelling can happen.

  • Itchy and dry skin

  • Brain fog

  • Headaches

  • Weight gain

  • Swollen glands

  • Cold hands and feet

  • Chronic sinusitis , colds, sore throats, or ear issues

  • Skin problems

  • Cellulite

If you’reExperiencing symptoms of Lymph congestion, you may benefit from trying some natural ways to increase the flow of blood in your body. Try the 8 ways that I recommend to my patients.

8 Ways to Clear Lymphatic Congestion

While your lymphatic system is similar to your circulatory system, unlike blood, lymph does not have a pump, therefore has to rely on the contraction and relaxation of muscles to move it around. It’s no wonder that an unhealthy lifestyle that doesn’t stimulate the healthy lymph circulation can easily overwhelm and congest the entire lymph system.

There are a variety of techniques you can use to clean your lymph system, the good news. First, we need to discuss how your lymph system is cleaned, and then we need to look at some specific ways to clear congestion in the lymph system.

Lymphatic, Lymphatic Cleansing: 8 Ways to Clear Lymph Congestion

How Is the Lymphatic System Cleaned

When you thinking about cleansing a congested lymph system, your upper chest region becomes key for final drainage of toxins and ultimate cleansing. Stress reduction techniques can encourage the contraction and relaxation of the muscles to help push toxins out of your body and to decrease the chance of debris building up. Deep breathing can promote intrathoracic pressure to improve the oxygen supply to your cells.

Your rib cage is a major lymphatic pump that is necessary for healthy lymphatic flow. Healthy posture and exercise are also essential to facilitate the supply of oxygen to your cells and to support lymphatic flow. Furthermore, there are other strategies, including massage and dry brushing which you can utilize to stimulate the lymph system all over your body to remove debris from all parts of the system (4).

It’s not hard to keep the lymph moving. All you need to do is to incorporate a few simple, natural lifestyle strategies, such as deep breathing, optimal hydration, regular exercise, dry brushing, and herbal remedies, to clean your lymph system. There are 8 simple ways to clear the lymph congestion.

Lymphatic, Lymphatic Cleansing: 8 Ways to Clear Lymph Congestion

Deep Breathing

The rib cage is a major lymphatic pump that is necessary for healthy flow. While exercise is important for your health, deep breathing is even more important. Deep breathing allows your lungs to push fluid back into your bloodstream. Proper lymph movement and detoxification can be achieved with deep breathing.

To practice deep diaphragmatic breathing, breathe deeply through your nose, hold it in for four counts, then exhale for two counts through your mouth. Gradually increase how long you hold and release your breath until you can hold for 20 counts and exhale for 10 counts. Repeat this two to three times per session. Practice three times a day for the best results. To learn more about the revitalizing power of breathing, check out None (5).

You can use breathing exercises and other stress reduction strategies to clear the Lymph congestion. Having effective strategies to cope with daily stress and to reduce overall stress is essential because physical and emotional stress can both increase the risk of lymph congestion and health issues.

Spending time with loved ones, yoga, tai chi, and playing with pets can help you to remain calm in the present moment, as well as reduce stress, increase joy, and improve lymphatic flow.

Lymphatic, Lymphatic Cleansing: 8 Ways to Clear Lymph Congestion

Optimal Hydration

Lymph is about 95 percent water, hence it is not surprising that optimal hydration is absolutely key for the proper health and functioning of your lymphatic system. Without enough water, the lymphatic fluid cannot flow properly, which can lead to lymph congestion and dehydration (6).

Water is absolutely essential to hydrate and rehydrate your body. Adding lemon or lime to your water can expedite the process of hydration and achieving a healthy lymph flow. Lemon water is fantastic for hydration and detoxification. Lemon and lime also encourages an alkaline environment and helps to mineralize your lymph and body (3).

You may also want to try a specific Ayurvedic strategy to encourage lymphatic rehydration and lymphatic cleansing. Drink cold or room temperature water as you normally would to meet the daily requirement of 8 to 10 glasses. On top of that, sip warm water every 10 to 15 minutes throughout the day to encourage lymph flow. Keep up this protocol for two weeks for the best results (3).

Lymphatic, Lymphatic Cleansing: 8 Ways to Clear Lymph Congestion

Regular Exercise and Movement

Regular exercise has health benefits, including clearing congestions. It is one of the easiest and most effective ways to increase your lymph flow.

The best part is that you don’t have to focus on any specific form of exercise. Lifting weights at the gym, running, swimming, playing with your dog, hanging out outdoors with your kids, dancing, doing a home workout video, or going for a family hike can all benefit your immune function and lymphatic system.

Regular exercise can increase the oxygen supply to your tissues, stimulate blood circulation, help the transportation of oxygen to your tissues and cells and reduce toxic buildup. As a result, exercise not only facilitates a healthy immune response but may prevent cancer by reducing the risk of a low oxygenated environment in the body where cancer may grow (7).

Lymphatic, Lymphatic Cleansing: 8 Ways to Clear Lymph Congestion

Rebounding for Lymphatic Health

Referring is a great form of movement that can help purify your lymphoid system. A low impact exercise that involves jumping on a trampoline is called rebounding. The flow of lymph through your body can be promoted by rebounding. It can remove toxins and increase the drainage of fluids.

You can find mini trampolines online to use inside your house, even if you can only use your child’s backyard trampoline. There are trampoline jumping gyms popping up in many cities that offer a fun and healthy activity for the whole family. While taking care of your health, you can feel like a kid again.

Lymphatic, Lymphatic Cleansing: 8 Ways to Clear Lymph Congestion

Dry Brushing and Healing Baths

Dry skin brushing or dry brushing is an ancient technique that can help with circulation. This technique helps to remove dead skin cells and toxic waste, stimulates your sweat glands by opening your pores, improves your immunity, and causes the development of new healthy skin cells.

Dry brushing can be practiced with a brush with soft, natural bristles. Synthetic or hard bristles are not a good choice. Light, gentle brushing strokes always move towards your heart to improve the flow of blood through your veins.

On your stomach, practice a clockwise motion to improve your natural digestive flow as well. The best time to practice dry brushing is before your shower or before a healing bath which will help to wash away dead skin cells and further improve lymphatic flow. You can learn more about dry brushing here.

Healing baths are soothing baths that can boost your immunity, reduce stress, lower pain levels, and help relaxation. You can make healing baths by adding essential oils, Epsom salt, sea salt, ginger, and other natural substances to your bath, all with different benefits. Essential oils, such as lavender or frankincense are fantastic for relaxation, an immune boost, stress relief, anxiety, and sleep. Epsom salt baths are fantastic for detoxification, circulation, and lymph flow. Sea salt baths are amazing for inflammation, detoxification, skin hydration, and skin issues (8, 9).

To learn how to make my 10 favorite healing baths and the benefits of each, read this article. Once you’ve picked your bath, soak for 20 to 30 minutes with a good book, music, or a relaxation audio guide.

Lymphatic, Lymphatic Cleansing: 8 Ways to Clear Lymph Congestion

Specific Herbal Therapies

You can try some therapies to increase the amount of lymphatic cleansing. Some of my favorite herbs are used to improve health.

Turkey Rhubarb

Turkey Rhubarb is a powerful herbal remedy that smooths the muscles of your intestines. It is highly effective for detoxification, cleansing, and constipation (10).

Sheep Sorrel

Sheep Sorrel is an effective herb to reduce inflammation, respiratory problems, swelling, and diarrhea. It may also be used for soups and sauces (11).

Slippery Elm Bark

Slippery Elm Bark is an herb that Native Americans used to remedy fevers, wounds, and sore throats. It may be effective for inflammation, sore throats, cough, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), urinary tract infections (UTIs), and digestive issues (12, 13).

Astragalus Root

Astragalus Root is commonly used for its immune-boosting benefits. It may also be beneficial for longevity, heart health, blood sugar issues, and sexual health (14).

Graviola Chuchuasi

Graviola Chuchuasi is a powerful remedy full of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It may be beneficial for blood pressure issues, blood sugar problems, stomach concerns, infections, and cancer (15).

Bioactive Carbon

Biotoxins are binders in your body with bio active carbon. It has a high-energy carbon with increased binding ability. It supports the removal of harmful invaders effectively. It supports your immune system and increases it.

Lymphatic Support

I recommend Lymphatic Support to my patients, friends, and family who want to clear lymph congestion because it utilizes all the benefits of Turkey Rhubarb, Sheep Sorrel, Burdock Root, Slippery Elm Bark, Astragalus Root, and Graviola Chuchuahsi.

Lymphatic Support is a unique product that focuses on the drainage and immune support throughout your lymphatic system. It can improve your immune system, flush toxins from the body, and improve your lymphatic flow. You can either take it with or without food. If you take one capsule twice a day, you are set to leave.


Alternating Showers

Taking alternate showers can stimulate your lymph system and provide an array of great health benefits. Cold showers and alternate showers may improve chronic pain, give you more energy, boost your brain function, and improve your mood (16, 17, 18, 19).

Alternate showering can have a powerful effect on your circulation and lymphatic flow. The sudden exposure to cold constricts your blood supply, while the exposure to heat dilates and expands your blood vessels allowing your body to drive blood into areas that need it. Alternate showering improves muscle contraction through your body that allows whole-body contractions to squeeze lymphatic flow through your system and boost lymphatic cleansing. Hot-cold alternating showers can improve your inflammations and boost your overall health (20, 21, 22).

To practice alternate showering, finish your shower with 30 to 60 seconds of cold shower. You may experience similar benefits if you take a cold shower or jump into a cold pool after spending some time in an infrared sauna or in a hot tub. To learn more about the benefits of alternate showers, read this article.

Lymphatic, Lymphatic Cleansing: 8 Ways to Clear Lymph Congestion

Massage Therapy

Having a massage can be relaxing and enjoyable, but it can also improve your immune function and relieve symptoms of chronic pain and fatigue. It is possible to massage your muscles to increase the flow of the fluid and blood in your body, and to help you recover quicker.

Lymphatic drainage massage is a specific form of specialized massage therapy designed to help your cells release toxic buildup, reduce lymph congestion, and help flush excess fluid within your tissues. It can lower your pain intensity as well (4 23, 24).

Other forms of massage therapy, such as deep tissues massage, shiatsu massage, or Swedish massage, can help to activate your lymph system, flush excess fluid, reduce pain in swollen lymph nodes, and reduce muscle and joint pains. You may also benefit from foam rolling for self-myofascial release and other self-massage strategies, especially before or after exercise. You may couple massage with essential oils or an Epsom salt bath for further lymph stimulation.

Lymphatic, Lymphatic Cleansing: 8 Ways to Clear Lymph Congestion

Infrared Sauna Therapy

There are over 80,000 toxic chemicals used regularly in the US and over 500 chemicals stored in the body of an average individual. Clearly, environmental toxicity is a huge concern that can lead to a clogged lymph system (25, 26).

Perspiration through sweating is one of your bodies key mechanisms to remove toxins. While exercising is essential for sweating and cleansing, infrared sauna therapy is something you can also benefit from to improve your lymphatic function and which will benefit your overall health (27, 28, 29 30, 31).

Light therapy can be done in the form of a sauna. They push toxins to your circulatory system to encourage the removal of these toxins. The effectiveness of steam saunas is much lower than the effectiveness of the IR saunas.

While in traditional saunas that use air and steam to create perspiration, the sweat that leaves your body contains 97 percent water and 3 percent toxins. On the other hand, infrared saunas use heaters that emit radiant heat that helps you to perspire 80 percent water and 20 percent toxins. You can read more about the benefits of infrared saunas here.

Lymphatic, Lymphatic Cleansing: 8 Ways to Clear Lymph Congestion

Final Thoughts on Lymphatic Congestion

Your immune system is dependent on your lymphatic system. If your lymphatic system is congested, you are more likely to get infections and disease. Your health and well-being are dependent on the smooth and free flow of your Lymphatic flow.

There are some simple and powerful ways to clear your immune system. Lymph congestion clearing strategies include exercise, rebound, deep breathing, sauna, healing baths, alternate showers, optimal hydration, massage therapy, and specific herbal therapies.

If you are serious about clearing up lymph congestion, I highly recommend Lymphatic Support. This supplement utilizes all the benefits of specific herbs, including Turkey Rhubarb, Sheep Sorrel, Burdock Root, Slippery Elm Bark, Astragalus Root, and Graviola Chuchuahsi. One capsule twice a day can effectively support your lymphatic system and can serve as a fantastic addition to the other lymphatic cleansing strategies you’ve learned about.

Using the 8 strategies you’ve just learned about and taking Lymphatic Support daily can help you to clear lymph congestion and achieve the maximum health you deserve.


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