Metagenics Clear Change, Day Three Liver Cleanse And Detox | Metagenics Clear Change Program – 10 Day – Is It Working?

Metagenics Clear Change, Day Three Liver Cleanse And Detox | Metagenics Clear Change Program – 10 Day – Is It Working?

Hi Chinners, happy Tuesday! Remember how last month I found out that I had elevated liver enzymes? So basically, there was one liver count test where the high average was supposed to be like 30.. and mine was 120. Yeah, about that. So I really don’t drink, maybe prior to going on Metformin, once a week, a glass of wine or two. I do know that I’m the cheapest date in the world in that it takes me only one glass of wine to get a buzz, and I’m super easily affected by caffeine. All of these things can point to a sensitive liver, which clearly I haz. (HELP ME! MY BLOGGING IS TURNING ME INTO A LOLCAT!)

Under my awesome doctor’s orders, we decided to do a liver detox and re-test my liver enzymes after six weeks. The six week mark is fast approaching, so I ordered the Metagenics Clear Change Program – 10 Day. I specifically waited to start the cleanse until after FitBloggin’, because  I didn’t want to have any issues with my stomach while doing things like bouncing around on mini-trampolines or trying out crossfit for the first time. On Saturday, I made a very expensive Whole Foods trip and stocked up on organic pears, apples, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, beets, carrots, rice cakes and organic, unfiltered, unsweetened apple juice. In addition to ingredients you provide yourself, you drink a “medical shake” a few times daily.

The food part of the cleanse involves a vegan, whole foods diet from days one through three with some milk substitute and rice allowed, and then on day four, you start getting more hardcore with no rice, no milk substitute and no meat. I can only eat cruciferous vegetables on days when I can only eat cabbage, cauliflower, and greens. Oh my, oh my. On those days, I can still have some beans and apples and pears, but not as much. This should be interesting because I get HANGRY when I am hungry.

I have been feeling okay so far. I had to watch it to remember that I couldn’t eat certain things, but it was easy. I like eating vegetables and eating like a rabbit isn’t unpleasant for me. I am feeling a bit run down and sluggish, as I am taking the detoxification capsule and shakes, and I am a little more dicey today. The program guide tells me that these types of signals are just signs that the program is working and that I have some interesting stomach things going on. The most difficult days are the days when our air conditioning fails and the temperature is 104 degrees. Murphy’s law is right? Life is like that…

Tell me if you have ever tried a cleanse or a detox, because now you know what is going on with my body. What was the experience like? Did you ever experience an amazing effect?




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