Moringa Seeds 10 Amazing Benefits | How Much Should I Be Using Moringa Seeds?

Moringa Seeds 10 Amazing Benefits | How Much Should I Be Using Moringa Seeds?

The seeds are unique in appearance, with grey-ish whitewings surrounding them. Similar to other seeds, moringa seeds can be eaten like nuts and added to cereals and trail mixes. The moringa will give you a boost of energy when it is mixed with grains and seeds.

If you can find fresh moringa seeds in your health shop, you can serve them boiled like peas with your main meals. They can also be steamed or roasted.

You should still be weary of how much you eat, even if the seeds can be popped like popcorn.

How much should I be using?

In the Western world, moringa is fairly new. It has not been implemented with strict dosage levels. If you are concerned about using too much or too little moringa seeds, be sure to ask the counter staff or a nutritionist.

According to lab research, the ideal dosage is 150- 200mg/kg. There is a rough estimate of the dosage for a person with a certain weight.

  • There are 150llbs that are 1600 to 2200mg.
  • 200llbs, 2900mg.
  • There are 250llbs with a 3600 dose of them.

Taking moringa should be done within moderation. The maximum dosages are outlined in the above. If you want to reach these levels, try out small amounts of the drug.

If you experience side effects or reactions that you were unaware of before taking moringa, stop and consult your doctor.

Warnings for Using Moringa Seeds


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There are a few warnings to be aware of before using moringa seeds for personal benefit.

It is best to know a few warnings before starting any treatment, despite the fact that this supplement is completely natural.

  • Don’t take on an empty stomach.
  • Before eating the seeds, be sure to peel them.

Some people suggest washing the seeds thoroughly with salt water and keeping the peel on to help lose weight.

We wouldn’t recommend eating the seeds with the peel on.

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should not eat seeds.

The leaves and powders of the moringa plant are safe to eat while pregnant, but the seeds are high in fibre and vitamins so it is not a good idea to eat them during your pregnancies.

Moringa seeds are great for maintaining reproductive cells and improving libido. If you are trying to have a child, this may be helpful.

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