Mother’s Day Gifts: Sara Weinstock and Katie Weinstock

Mother’s Day Gifts: Sara Weinstock and Katie Weinstock

Sara Weinstock’s daughter shares her love of diamonds. She was a big fan of borrowing pieces from her mom’s jewelry box. Both mom and daughter share the same Southern California spirit, a perfect canvas for Sara’s contemporary designs including diamond lariat necklaces, stylish tennis bracelets mothers day 2022, and sparkling pinky rings.

Sara andKatie share their favorite jewels and show you what makes a great Mother’s Day gift.

Sara andKatie are talking about jewelry. Sara andKatie have diamond rings.

What is the most meaningful gift your mother has given you?

Three generations have worn a pair of diamond studs that belonged to her mother. I love them because they are timeless and beautiful.

What are your favorite diamond jewels?

I love the Sara Weinstock bracelets and rings. They are great for combining and going with everything.

What’s the piece you never take off?

The Donna necklace is owned by the person. I sleep in it.

What have you recently borrowed from your mother?

At dinner the other night, I took the Donna ring off my mother’s finger.

Sara is adjusting a bracelet. There is diamond jewelry by the person.

What are you suggesting for Mother’s Day gifts?

Sara: My diamond necklace is a must have. I would be happy to receive a diamond choker. The new Lucia necklace is fun because you can wear it alone or add charms and build a collection over time.

What was the best Mother’s Day you received?

Sara: When my kids were little, they made pottery and art projects for me, and those were the best gifts because they were made with love.

What’s the Mother’s Day gift you want?

Sara: I have always wanted a diamond eternity ring, and I am finally getting one made with 13 emerald-cut diamonds, each one one carats in size. I might have it by Mother’s Day.

When did you love for jewelry start?

When I was a child, my aunt would bring over a bunch of jewelry and lay it on the floor and tell stories about where she got it. It brought us together and I fell in love with estate jewelry and diamonds.

What is the most important piece of a woman’s life?

Sara has a diamond necklace. It is simple and elegant, and you can’t go wrong with it.

Sara Weinstock is wearing jewelry. There are bracelets and rings by the name of Weinstock.

What are the pieces you never take off?

Sara: I take my jewelry off and start the next day with a blank canvas. I put my jewelry on first and build my outfit around it.

What are the pieces you will give your daughter?

Sara has a pair of old mine cut diamonds. I may give one to my daughter and the other to my son. I wondered if the women who wore them before had any resemblance to me. There is a lot of history behind these stones and they had a past life.

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