My Honest Detox Foot Pad Review [Hint: Scam Alert!] | Detox Foot Pads – What Are The Benefits?

My Honest Detox Foot Pad Review [Hint: Scam Alert!] | Detox Foot Pads – What Are The Benefits?

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You have probably seen them on the internet, on TV, or heard about them from the person next door.

They are not good. They smell terrible after being used. Right now, they are a topic of conversation.

The foot pads are good for you.

In this post, I will give you my honest opinion of what all the fuss is about and what I think of them.

What are Foot Detox Pads? 

They are similar to a bandage that you stick on the soles of your feet overnight.

The companies that sell them claim that the pads drain out as you sleep.

  • Toxins

  • Heavy Metals

  • Harmful chemicals

  • Parasites

  • Metabolic Wastes

  • Cellulite can be found on your body.

They say when blood circulates from the rest of the body to the soles of your feet, the pads absorb toxins from there.

Plant extracts, minerals, herbs, and vinegar are some of the ingredients in most of them.

Some of them have ingredients like ginger, salt, and bamboo vinegar.

What Are the Benefits of Detox Foot Pads?

There is no scientific evidence that supports the claims of the foot pads.

There are a lot of mixed reviews online from buyers.

Some people swear by the fact that they felt better after using the foot pads.

Some people say they had relief from a cold, headaches, and anxiety by the morning.

The people mentioned that they were refreshed and more energetic by the time they woke up.

Detox Foot Pads Claims

There is a simple idea behind these patches.

You should place them under the soles of your feet according to the instructions on the package. The toxins from your body are sucked out by the foot pads.

The manufacturers claim that when you wear them on your feet and sleep, you will get rid of toxins, parasites, and heavy metals from your body.

When you wake up in the morning, the pads are expected to be dark and black.

The ingredients in the foot pads pulled toxins out of your body overnight.

Most toxins will be out of your system if you use these pads a lot.

As you continue using the pads, the manufacturers claim that you start to notice a difference in the colors.

The light green color of the pads indicates that you are getting cleaner with minimal toxins left in your body with time.

Detox Foot Pads Side Effects

Despite the fact that there is no scientific proof that foot pads remove toxins from the body, they do not have any side effects. have been reported so far.

The experts warned that the patches may only have a placebo effect.

In an interview, Dr. George Friedman-Jimenez, the director of the Bellevue / New York University Occupational and Environmental Medicine Clinic said:

Some people feel better because of the expectation that they will help, and some people feel better because of chance, but we are seeing that with treatments such as Kinoki foot pads.

I know that sometimes curiosity can be satisfied by trying something on your own.

Here are the best options for satisfying that “itch” with a trial run.

Top Detox Foot Pads

1. Kinoki

What are Kinoki Cleansing Detox Foot Pads?

Kinoki’s famous TV ad in the 90s made their herbal foot pads the most popular on the market.

They were referred to as the ancient Japanese Secret to perfect health in the ad.

There are a variety of ingredients in the Kinoki pads.

They claim to remove toxins from your body, boost the immune system, promote better sleep, cleanse, and make you feel better.

The last update was on January 17th, with images from the Amazon product advertising platform.

How to Use Kinoki Foot Pads

It is recommended that you wash and dry your feet before using them. Place the pad on the sole of your foot by peeling off the paper from the sheet.

If you want to fully absorb toxins from your body, you need to wait at least six hours to remove the pads.

Are Kinoki Detox Foot Pads Effective?

In an interview with LA times, one of the supervisors of kinoki explained that the ion in the pads create magnetic channels through which sweat and toxins can be pulled out of your body.

Whether that is true or not, you will have to make a decision.

2. Kinotox

These are the original pads that were imported to the USA. They are in a group of 10. Like Kinoki pads, they are easy to use.

3. Paiko Foot Pads

These claims to relieve stress, remove impurities, and improve sleep.

4. Avon Detoxifying Patches

Another type of foot cleansing pad claims to remove toxins from the feet. The brand is known for it’s trustworthiness.

Homemade Detox Foot Pads

Almost everything can be made from home in today’s world. Here is an easy to follow how-to guide for people who can’t afford to buy pads or do it themselves.

Items you’ll need:

  • Water

  • A piece of onion

  • 1-2 cloves of garlic

  • Cotton socks

  • Gauze

  • Patch to fix


  • Take your garlic and onion and slice them into small pieces.

  • After the pot is full of water, add the chopped garlic and onions.

  • It should be left to boil for 10 minutes.

  • After it was removed from the heat, allow it to rest for 15-20 minutes.

  • Put a small amount of liquid on a piece of cloth when your mixture cools down.

  • If you’re using it, make sure the sticky part of it doesn’t get wet. If you have too much liquid, squeeze it out.

  • Put yourgauze in the center of your foot. If you are using plain gauze, you should use a patch to tighten it up.

  • Put on your socks so that the pads don’t fall off while you sleep.

  • Wait until the morning and check for results.

Detox Foot Pads Buying Guide and FAQ

1. How Do Detox Foot Pads Work?

They pull toxins out of your body through your feet.

They should be placed at the sole of your feet overnight.

Most toxins were removed by the morning when the pad becomes dark.

You have to repeat the same procedure for more days until you notice that the color is changing from dark to light, which means that you are now healthy.

2. Can You Really Detox Through Your Feet?

There is no scientific proof that you can get rid of toxins through your feet.

The last place the body could release toxins is your feet.

The skin on your feet is so thick and hard that it can’t be seen, because the bottom of your feet is almost impermeable.

How does the body recover from injury?

Through your kidney and liver, you can read here about the detox pathways of the human body.

The human body has a number of main filters. They eliminate harmful toxins from the body on a daily basis.

These machines are always at work, whether you are asleep or awake.

3. How to Use Detox Foot Pads?

You put a bandage-like substance at the bottom of your feet. Allow it to rest for at least a few hours.

You should find a yellow, dark brown, or black color on the pad by the morning.

4. What Are Detox Foot Pads Made Of?

The majority of foot pads are made of something.

  • Herbs

  • Plants

  • Minerals

  • Vinegar

  • etc

5. How Often Should You Use Detoxifying Foot Pads?

As long as you are feeling better. You have to look out for the discoloration of your pads every day. The lighter they become, the safer they are.

It is up to you and your pocketbook. The more pads you use, the more money you spend.

6. Can You Use Detox Foot Pads Every Night?

You are supposed to use a fresh set of pads every night until they become lighter.

The theory is that as the pads get lighter, you have less toxins in your body.

You can stop using them if you don’t see any signs of discoloration on your pads.

The manufacturers of these pads claim that the change of color in the foot pads is a good sign that toxins have been flushed out of your system.

Most people and experts don’t agree with these claims. They believe that the sweat from your feet causes the foot pads to turn black.

If a few drops of water were put on the pads, they would have the same smell as if they had not.

When your feet sweat on the pads, we can assume the same effect.

The color of the pads is likely a reaction of the mixture of sweat, according to a clinical pharmacy professor.

The people who bought the cleanse pads testified that they put water on the foot pads.

They turned black as well.

You can read a more detailed explanation of the black pads here.

8. Are Detox Foot Pads Dangerous?

No, that’s right. I do not think so. There is no reported case of foot pads endangering anyone.

There are no known side effects of these pads.

So it is safe to say that they are harmless.

9. How long do you wear detox foot pads?

You should wear your foot pads for at least eight hours.

It is best to use them at night because you will most likely be sleeping and have minimal movements.

On another note, you may want to find out how armpit detox works, what it is and why it may be useful.

Final Verdict: Do I recommend it?

If you use these pads to remove toxins from your body, then you are doing something right. I don’t think they should be recommended.

There is no research to back up these claims.

And if you really want to detox your body, there are safer and easy ways you can follow, such as:

  • A diet that is free of harmful substances is what you should be eating.

  • It’s not good to have alcohol, caffeine, and processed foods.

  • You can increase the amount of water that you drink.

  • It’s a good choice for drinking lemon water.

  • Take a probiotic 

  • Try food grade bentonite clay
  • A diet that is good for you is what you should be on.

  • Use Activated Charcoal 

I don’t think you can easily get rid of toxins through your feet.

Have you ever felt the bottom of your feet?

It is very rough. Some people have a callus on their feet, which makes them very dry.

There would be some research to prove that feet were a possible outlet for releasing toxins from the body.

If you want to feel more relaxed, try them out and see if you feel better.

There are quite a number of positive reviews about the pads. Try them out for yourself to see if they really work.

The good thing is that they are affordable. You won’t have a lot of to lose.

Let me know if you have used them before and what your experience was.

Please let me know how it goes if you decide to try them.

Editor and researcher at Detox & Prosper. With years of experience creating a healthy home for my family, I now help others eliminate toxins from theirs! Read my story here.


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