Organic Juice Cleanse | Cleansing Can Help You Feel Lighter And Slimmer. It Also Helps Your Body Heal Itself

Organic Juice Cleanse | Cleansing Can Help You Feel Lighter And Slimmer. It Also Helps Your Body Heal Itself

It isn’t just convenient to drink organic cold-pressed juice. There are many benefits to cleansing that improve your health and well-being.

1. Rest for certain organs: A juice cleanse gives your body a break from processing solid foods. During a juice cleanse, your digestive system, including your intestines and stomach, don’t work as hard to break down and digest food. Additionally, your liver, which is your body’s natural filter, gets a break from detoxifying substances. Because your organs don’t have to work as hard to eliminate harmful toxins, they’re able to heal and repair themselves for the duration of the cleanse. After the cleanse, they’ll be healthier and more efficient.

2. Boost in energy and deeper sleep: After a cleanse, you can expect to feel more vibrant and energetic, and you’ll sleep better too. During a cleanse, your liver is given the break it needs to repair itself by eliminating the toxins it normally needs to filter from your blood. Your liver uses a ton of energy to function properly, and when it’s overworked, it can make you feel lethargic and even affect your sleep quality. By giving your liver a break, you’ll feel re-energized and refreshed.

3. Mental clarity: There’s no question that an unhealthy diet makes your body feel sluggish, but it can also cause brain fog. Cleansing not only boosts your physical energy, but it can improve your mental clarity too. When your digestive system goes from an overworked state to a lighter, healthier state, your brain fog will lift, leaving you with a greater sense of focus and mental sharpness. You might just feel more productive!

4. Glowing skin: We’ve all experienced diet-related breakouts that occur from poor quality foods. That’s because, just like our livers, our skin also works to filter and eliminate toxins. Regular cleansing can give your skin the periodic break it needs from eliminating toxins. During this time, it can heal and repair itself, leaving you with fresh skin, fewer breakouts and a brighter complexion.

5. Improved mood: Cleanses are a good way to regulate your mood by balancing your hormones. When we’re stressed, our bodies release cortisol, which produces a stress response. According to German research, the more cortisol we release, the higher our risk of developing a fatty liver. During a cleanse, our bodies don’t produce the same level of stress hormones, giving our adrenals a break. This allows us to handle stress better, and we can experience a happier mood with less anxiety.

6. Weight loss: Cleanses are a highly effective, short-term weight loss solution. During a cleanse, you’re taking in far fewer calories than you would normally, and you eliminate significant fluid retention, helping you to feel slimmer and trimmer. Trying out a cleanse is a great way to kickstart your weight loss journey. Not only will it reduce your caloric intake, but it will also help interrupt your cravings for unhealthy foods (fried fats and sugars) and replace your body’s natural cravings with healthier ones.

7. More regulated colon: One of the most noticeable benefits of cleansing is your bathroom habits. During a cleanse you’ll make much more frequent bathroom trips. However, in the time following a cleanse, you’ll notice more regular colon activity. Your digestive tract will work more efficiently, meaning you’ll experience less constipation. With a more regulated colon, you’ll improve your overall bowel health and even reduce your risk of colorectal cancer.

8. Reduced bloating: Even a 1-day cleanse can help you feel lighter and slimmer. That’s because, during a cleanse, you’re restricting your calorie intake. Your body then turns to the water and glycogen stored in your muscles. As it uses up glycogen, it loses the water too, helping you to feel less bloated. Additionally, your digestive tract will begin to empty itself and potentially become less inflamed, causing you to lose the bloated feeling you didn’t even know you had!

9. Intense hydration: During a cleanse, you increase your hydration levels to an intense level. Many people are chronically dehydrated from not drinking enough water and eating hydration-sapping foods. A cleanse can help restore much-needed hydration to your entire body—especially your digestive tract and your skin. With improved hydration, you’ll also experience fewer headaches, less muscle pain and increased circulation, which helps your entire body get the nutrients it needs. (2)

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