Sure Jell For Drug Test – Coke Clear Coke Clear Coke Clear Coke | How To Use Sure Jell For A Drug Test?

Sure Jell For Drug Test – Coke Clear Coke Clear Coke Clear Coke | How To Use Sure Jell For A Drug Test?

The drug test method is known as Sure Jell.

sure jell pectinsure jell pectinSure Jell is a simple fruit pectin products that’s used for making jellies or jams at home. But lately it has became a very popular product, not just because it’s great for jelly, but because it can be used to disguise a history of drug use. That’s right this simple packet of powder can help someone pass a drug test.

Millions of people have used this method to beat a drug screening since it was first made popular. That doesn’t mean that they all pass, but over 80% do. It seems to be a very useful method for passing the urine test.

How to pass a drug test using Sure Jello.

The method is the same as the one used by the fruit pectin drug test method. The instructions for the Sure Jell method are very easy to follow.

The drug test instructions are Sure.

  • A lot of water is required for the day of the test.
  • You can mix a whole packet with a gallon of water or 32oz of Gatorade on the day of the test.
  • Drink slowly until an hour before the test.

You are able to test clean of all drugs if you use Sure Jell. There are other ways of doing things on the internet. A prep the night prior to the test is a common set of instructions.

One can use an alternate method to increase their chances of passing very heavy toxins.

The Certo Method

Fruit Pectins are the first thing to be done to prevent any further problems. They are both different brands. There is a difference between the methods of detoxing associated with the given method.

When Someone does the Sure-Jell method for a drug test, the are using Sure jell and a gallon of water, or 32oz of Gatorade a few hours before the test. The Certo method starts the night before and using Fruit pectin for a urine test can be a mix of any.

The Certo Method is know to be more effective for those that may have a heavier saturation of toxins and a little more time before the test. As I stated above, it’s nearly the same as the Sure-Jell, except it involves getting started the night before as well.

The instructions for the drug test.

  • All toxins should be stopped immediately.
  • Drink at least a gallon of water a day to stay hydrated.
  • Prepare for urinalysis by mixing 1 packet of certo with a gallon of water.
  • Drink a lot of water on the day of the test.
  • After 1-2 hours, mix one packet of Certo with 32oz lemon Gatorade.
  • For up to four hours, you should be free of toxins.

Is it a good idea to have a drug test?

The Certo/Sure jell/ Fruit Pectin drug test methods do seem to work. Before we get into the legal/moral reason why you should practice these methods, let’s consider possible a health risk. Ingesting a full packet or two of flavored fruit pectin with Gatorade seems to like a bad idea. It’s definitely way too much sugar, and although I haven’t found any reports of illness. I would not do it.

The morals of using a method that could be used to cheat a drug test is now the question. In some cases, defrauding a drug test is even illegal. Even a failed attempt to pass is immoral. The only way to beat a drug test is to live a drug free lifestyle.

Although, the legality of such methods may be questionable, the chances of being caught or exposed is nearly impossible. The only way one can ever be discovered is by confession.


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