The 10 Best Detox & Wellness Spa Retreats In America 2021 | Detox And Wellness Retreats In The Usa

The 10 Best Detox & Wellness Spa Retreats In America 2021 | Detox And Wellness Retreats In The Usa


Experience a Wellness Retreat

When the time comes to begin a new chapter in your personal health, booking a retreat for rest and relaxation is just what the body needs. Every year guests rejuvenate their mind, body and soul while receiving expert care at luxury spa retreats across the country. Dive into the amenities that each has to offer and choose these wellness spa retreats that are the best fit for your needs.

Amangiri – Canyon Point, Utah

The Amangiri Resort is located in Utah, surrounded by beautiful red rock terrain. The treatments use the landscape and culture with traditional Navajo healing techniques and Sedona clay.

Mii Amo Spa – Sedona, Arizona

The Mii Amo Spa is located in the city of Sedona and it has a simplicity that is key. A clay wrap will draw out all your toxins, while psychic massages and even hypnotism will help you relax.

We Care Spa – Desert Hot Springs, California

You can spend as many as eight days at this desert oasis vacation where specialized beverages and sauna are made to help you maintain your peace. Along with yoga, dance classes and meditation, there are mud wraps to complement your diet.

Red Mountain Resort – Ivans, Utah

If kayaking and hiking sound like a peaceful escape, you might want to take a more adventurous vacation at Red Mountain. The resort itself is a picture of southwestern beauty, and their trained outdoor guides will deliver their expertise in nature.

The Ranch – Malibu, California

If you’re looking for a place to clear your mind of bad habits, The Ranch is the place for you. While fitness classes and hikes keep you active, a specialized meal plan and medical testing ensure that the rejuvenation process is unfolding.

Lake Austin Spa Resort – Austin, Texas

The retreat has a lakefront locale with lavish spa treatments to set your mind free. Their dining options are both healthy and delicious, with cooking classes available to teach you how to live and eat holistically.

Golden Door – San Marcos, California

The Southern California spa retreat is mostly a women’s only destination and takes its inspiration from Japan with serene gardens and wooden accents throughout the space. Hikes, fitness classes, and fresh local cuisine can help you de-stress.

Cal-a-Vie Health Spa – Vista, California

If you decide to visit the spa destination North of San Diego, you’ll get a personalized program from a nutritionist. After just one week, you will receive a number of spa treatments to help you relax as you enjoy the well-kept European-style hideaway.

Miraval Arizona Resort


Spa – Catalina, Arizona

Miraval Arizona is one of the best spa retreats in the USA, and it is located in the foothills of the Catalina mountains. Whether you are exploring alone or with a group, there is something for everyone.

Canyon Ranch – Lenox, Massachusetts


Tucson, Arizona

The Canyon Ranch experience uses cutting edge medical wellness programs to transform your mind, body and spirit. You will have exercise therapists, energy healers, and spiritual counselors at your disposal to help you at this cleanse retreat.

A spa retreat can be just what you need to clear your mind. There are destinations all over the country that are dedicated to revitalizing and revitalizing your health during your stay.

If you want to experience a luxury spa experience, book at some of the best retreats in the USA.

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