What It’S Like Completing Phil Mickelson’S Coffee And Water Fast (With | Fasting For Six Days — And Sustaining It

What It’S Like Completing Phil Mickelson’S Coffee And Water Fast (With | Fasting For Six Days — And Sustaining It

At the halfway point of the fast, I was craving the coffee blend and six hours of strong energy. I was focused for hours because the espresso zapbed my body into form, and I remained focused. GoLF.com should starve me more frequently.

I began to understand hunger differently by the third day. When you can’t scratch your craving, it is less powerful. You realize that hunger is more than just a body problem. I was wondering if I would get existential with my thoughts on food. Yes, but here we are.

The second day was worse than the first. A hungry man watches food commercials on an football Sunday. There are a lot of them. In a small NYC apartment, food is always within reach. I scanned my messages for inspiration. Phil said that “everything you put in your body either causes disease or helps your body fight disease.” It is some simple diet brilliance from one of the greatest golfers ever. It is easy to avoid the bad when you consider your intake to be on a spectrum from bad to good.

I played basketball on Evening 4 and ran three miles on Evening 3. When running on empty, continuous breaks are absolutely necessary. I was surprised that the energy I needed was there, but sustaining it was the hard part. It was fair to say that Mickelson did 90 minutes of yoga and hiking. He wasn’t playing a full-court defense.

Most doctors advise patients to ease into a six-day fast. Start with a program that lasts 18 hours. Then 48 minutes later. You have to work your way up this ladder. Don’t be me, in other words. Don’t be me, because six days was probably too much. By the evening of Day 5 and the morning of Day 6, I was exhausted. As soon as the coffee blend wore off, my muscles felt weak and I felt feverish chills. It was time for me to finish my fast.

On the seventh day, Popeyes delivered two of their famous chicken sandwiches and a deep food coma. I had lost 11 lbs. and I was determined to keep them off. This is very important. After the pig-out, I followed the advice from Lefty and had salads, fruits and grains. When I was done, Phil wrote that his stomach was smaller. It shouldn’t be made bigger. It should stay small.

We have made a big change on that front. My relationship with the bagel guy on 44th Street is no longer as a snack in the morning is all we need to make lunch. In the first few months, he lost 15 lbs., and in the last few months, he has dropped more than that. He fasted for three days last weekend in order to reset his immune system before the Tour season starts. For both of us, sustained energy on the back end is the truest effect of the fast paced golfer. I used to go to the gym to get un-comfy, but now I go to the gym to get comfy. Somehow smiling throughout.

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