Young & Restless Review

Young & Restless Review

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The show needed more drama and so they decided to increase the number of confrontations, heighten the emotions and turn up the volume. Everyone is hot. The intensity of these scenes is appreciated and the actors look happy. It has been difficult not to yell at the screen because some of the material is not understandable.

Wolf at the Door

After Jack put the final nail in the coffin of their on-again relationship, she left the door open for Diane. It didn’t seem in character for Red to tuck tail and run, especially with the wolf at the door, and as one might expect, Diane moved in on him as soon as the opportunity presented itself. She turned on the waterworks and salvaged the moment when she almost messed it up. She is playing Jack like a fiddle and I expect her to make more inroads there, which will lead to another Diane vs. Phyllis situation.

Love Is In the Air

The scenes in the park were cute, but they are on their way to being the next Faith andMoses, who are sweet together but boring as all get out, because they have no hurdles to give them rooting value, and no conflict or how to make a man want you bad story to keep them interesting. I wonder why they brought Noah back considering what they have done with him. Hopefully there is something soapy coming for them.


I enjoyed watching all of the emotional scenes surrounding Victoria cutting ties with her family. It was much better when Eric Braeden was in the scene. I was on the verge of yelling about things that weren’t right. Victoria is being treated like a teenager who is running away from home with her boyfriend. Victoria finally realized that her family was trying to control her when she cut ties with them before. How does it make sense that Adam is going to be the CEO of Newman Enterprises when Victor is trying to get Victoria back? What else would she have expected when she quit? Is this going to be a big shock to her? It isasperating that many of the Young & Restless stories continue to focus on who is going to run which company or work place.

Sally and Adam were delighted with the turn of events. Adam’s admiration for his sister and the way he called her a “badass” made me want to see them work together in the future.

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I thought that Billy was going to be down a boyfriend and a COO when he threw Victoria over. I wondered if Billy was in the right to want to keep his kids away from school, but not at boarding school. The stance of Lilly seemed to have struck me. Billy got with the program and even got her a ring. I love it!

The big drama at the Chancellor-Winters launch will be the fact thatNate will go rogue. He told Imani about his frustration after his cousinsnixed his idea of going into details. It is not hard to guess that he will take the podium and that Imani will encourage him to spill the beans. The world is going to know that there are more podcasts planned. What a change.

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After Rey died, I thought it might be Chance, but now it appears to be someone else. The writing is on the wall because it looks like she will be working with Kyle and Summer at the park.

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If Sally was still in fashion, the Summer and Sally run-in would have been more interesting.

Summer thinks it’s a no-brainer for Kyle to go from being the co-CEO of his own family’s company, Jabot, to heading up a budding Italian fashion house.

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